The Beach

Living close 2 the beach is wonderful even tho I have a house with a pool sometimes its just nice 2 drive down 2 the beach. The sounds of the waves and the sun just nice 2 sit and look and listen calms me down. A good stress reliever for me and I bet for millions of people. Like I said in yesterdays post things are looking up for me finally I have Austin and it's been great I have a job that I love and hell I live where there is warm weather all around. I don't mean 2 sound like a prick or anything but damn it's about time. Me and Austin been hitting the clubs a little something Mikey didn't like 2 do but Austin does. They have some great clubs in Tampa well Ybor City and in St Pete. We go coz we love 2 dance and meet other gays besides the ones that live around us nothing wrong with them just being new down here I like meeting new people. Besides the guys that live in the neighborhood don't go clubbing they say that there youth days are behind them and it's for people like me & Austin. Whatever you ole bitches get your ass up and lets dance! Haha they know I love them. Not much else going on I guess I will leave it open if there is any questions or something I was gonna talk about and forgot just leave a comment or drop and email and I'll answer it.
Later from Florida!
8 Responses
  1. I love the Beach too, something about the waves lapping against the sand and the sound.... Ahhhh...

    So glad you are enjoying life and hey a few clubs never hurt a body!

  2. elise Says:

    Nothin' wrong with enjoying what you have!

    Especially when you are working hard to get your life back on track, and have a job that helps other people.....

    I KNOW you know not to mix alcohol with your meds...just had to throw that in cuz you know I always worry about you, sweetie!

    Squish your toes in the sand for me......

  3. Uncle Gerry Says:

    I have always preferred warm and naked to cold and covered and the sounds of the ocean soothes the beast in me. Love to all.

  4. Laurie Says:

    HEY!!! That my beach :( I lived
    about 2 miles away from the beach
    when I lived on Long Island.

    I'm like Mikey. I don't do the club
    thing anymore either. I spent
    way to much time in them when I was
    your age and just burned out on


    OH YEAH! I need you to call me
    when you get the time.

  5. jimm Says:

    Watch out for the sharks! I got a beach too. a freshwater beach! so, no sharks!

  6. Polt Says:

    Now we just need an HNT of you guys frolicking ON the beach. :)

    Have fun, kids,


  7. Ken Storey Says:

    living in Orlando and now in Brandon I go to Ybor on occasion. I am just not convinced the clubs here are better than Orlandos. And growing up close to Daytona, East Coast beaches are so much more fun than their dull, wave less west coast counterparts.

  8. Rinzz Says:

    Waw.., wonderful beach..
    Long time I don't go to beach..
    But in Jakarta doesn't beach like that photo..