I have a couple friends that have many things going on in there lives and I am proud of them so I want 2 take today post and promote them a little. I know I own ya'll a post on the new job what me and Austin are doing and I will get 2 it soon. I know I also own you the story on how and where I met Austin and how we become boyfriends and I will get 2 that also I promise. With having a job I am learning about time and how little of it I have so please just hang in there and I will figure it all out and get the posts up. Have a good weekend Ya'll!

First is a friend of mine Michael Perronne who is an author and his books are awesome. I haven't check out the new book yet but I will be trust that. If its as good as his others it will be well worth the money. Soon as I read it Michael I will do a post about it!

Critically acclaimed novelist and Mississippi native, Michael Holloway Perronne explores how a forbidden teen romance and the violent act of a desperate boy forever binds a community. One year after Hurricane Katrina devastated the small coastal town of Long Beach, Mississippi, two families with deep roots in its Southern traditions are desperately trying to rebuild the way of life they have always known. But some, including the Mexican-American Santos family, are bringing a large dose of previously all-but-unknown cultures to this insular community. While one young man, a gay prodigal son now living in San Francisco, finds himself drawn back to the very area and culture he fought so hard to leave behind. In this emotionally charged novel, three families struggle to find the beauty that can arise from the worst of nightmares.

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My other friend he does parodies JB Ghuman Jr. at 11:11 Entertainment TV his stuff is really funny stop by and check some of his stuff out I promise you will get a laugh out them.

Avril L. Parody of "Girlfriend" called "BOTTUM"
Avril L. Parody "BOTTUM"

Kylie M. Parody of "2 Hearts" called "2 HUNKZ"
Kylie M. parody "2 HUNKZ"

One last thing before I go I just want to give a shout out 2 Charles at The Trevor Project thanks for all your support and if there is anything I can do personally or with this blog just let me know!
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  1. Says:

    Yes Ryan, we are waiting for some more details. However, many thanks for giving us something to read and enjoy while we're waiting for your post.

  2. Laurie Says:

    OMG!! Those are some funny vids!

    Hope y'all have a great weekend.



  3. Awesome! You always have wonderful reccomendations!