That Bitch

What a crazy morning I have had. I got up this morning for work I always get up early always have. I was sitting by the pool drinking coffee and well you know what else that I get yelled at for. Anyway the phone rang it was Drew's mom. Oh Drew is a boy that my brother met down here. Let me back up maybe some of you don't know but my brother and Corey are both down here also stayin the summer with me and Austin. Now Corey myself & Austin are over 18 my brother isn't but he was left with me so I am in charge of him so 2 speak. Anyway him and Corey met these boys down at the beach a few weeks ago and they been all hangin out since then. Now I live mainly in a gay community I feel safe here and we have security and all. Anyway people around the town I live in know it's a gay community sometimes we get reminded when they spray paint on the walls around the neighborhood fag or queers stuff like that.

Anyway Drew has been spending a lot of time out here hanging with my brother and Corey. Well this morning his mom call and she was upset. She ask if the neighborhood we lived in was a queer neighborhood she heard it was. I said yes it is? She then ask if I was a fag? I am like we or I like the word gay she said don't get cute with me I am like excuse me you called me remember if you don't want an attitude with this fag don't be calling with one. She then said she was coming 2 get drew and she was bringing the police with her and if any fag rape her son they would be going 2 jail! I am like bring them bitch! Well they show up before she did. They ask for Drew and one cop took him outside 2 talk 2 him while the other wanted 2 question me and the others in the house. I was like um no! I am callin my dad first before you come in my house or talk 2 anyone. So I did I told him what was going on he said 2 put the police on the phone and when the cop gave me the phone back my dad said do not talk with anyone and ask them if there was a crime committed then arrest somebody but if not to leave your property.

So I did just as he told me by then Drew's mom pulled up and this is the first time I seen this women and my word str8 from the trailer park. She was yelling and screaming accuse us of raping her son and all this shit. I am so glad my neighbors were outside 2 hear her coz that like slander or something. Anyway the police told her 2 calm down that nothing happen that Drew knew that everyone was gay and nobody touch him. He told the police he like hangin out with us coz we had a pool and stuff and we didn't have as many rules as he did at home and he thought we were cool. How sad is it that a parent like that has such a closed mind that would think we was doing anything 2 Drew. Normally when you have a parent like that the kids are haters also u know Drew has a level head on his shoulders and an open mind that shows he is a good person 2 me. I know the boy won't be allowed out here anymore and that's sad. Maybe we will see him at the beach or something. Dad is flyin down today 2 handle some more legal stuff he's called twice since this all happen. I guess the police were questioning why my brother was here. Hello I am over 18 I think I am allowed 2 keep my brother if I want 2. Anyway I will keep ya'll update on this drama. Oh I had 2 cancel this morning work and pick up a shift this afternoon. That damn bitch!

Later from Florida!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    OMG! you mean you guys are Gay? It seems to me that the bitch would have found out what kind of community her son was staying at BEFORE she let him stay there. If he is Gay he will have a very rough time with this bitch. He will still be Gay no matter what she does but every guy wants his parents to like him. I grew up with a mom who was a homophobe and wouldn't let me have any firends. Now I am all alone and not able to make friends. I hope this boy gets away from her before it's too late. Ed

  2. elise Says:

    How sad that a kid has to be raised by such an ignorant and nasty person. Is there a dad in the picture?

    It is wonderful, though that a teenager like Drew has developed his own mind in spite of his bitch mother. Gay or straight, it's great for Drew to be exposed to a nice, family-oriented gay community at an early age!

    Sounds like you handled the situation very well.

    love and peace....

  3. Martin Says:

    Drew sounds like a cool's too bad his mother has her crazy ideas about gay people.
    Young people today are much more accepting than their parents.

    Have you heard the old saying--"you can choose your friends, but not your family'?

  4. Lewis Says:

    Woah, big boy......all of this in one morning? That's way too much. As much as it sounds like Drew needs you guys for friends, I'm afraid that you should be far as the law goes...and as silly as that sounds. It's the truth. I actually have friends that won't allow anyone under 18 even on their property. Weird, but true. As for Momma Trailer, send her on her way back to the suburbs. Lovin' you boys lots today. Now, as for me, I'm over can have me over anyday.

  5. Laurie Says:

    Well, looks like momma is gonna
    have to come there and give that
    bitch a piece of her fist in her
    fat 'f-ing' mouth. You know I
    would too.



  6. jimm Says:

    If you are able to share with us, it would be interesting to know how your Dad handles this.

    I liked Tampa when I was there years ago for the Hall of Fame Bowl game, but we went over to Clearwater alot.

  7. Oh dear God what a low class, low rent ... !@#$%^ I already have a post saved to go tomorrow, read it. *shaking my head at the CRAP you have to endure honey* I apologize on behalf of all womanhood and Mothers everywhere.

  8. Jacky Says:

    "Drama Beach"

    Did the cop have a cute butt?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    That's one of the problems with living in the land of ignorance and stupidity. Occasionally you get shining examples of live and let live, then you get the opposite extreme.

    It's sort of why I want to stay here in the northeast. We're a lot more liberal up here. I suppose a lot of it comes from having a society that's been here for 400+ years which means we've got some world class universities and other cultural attractions here.

    I did spend six months of my misspent youth in Florida. It was enough to tell me that I couldn't live there.