The Weekend and A Question

Well I hope ya'll had a great Memorial weekend! Did any of you cooked out or you yankees hit the swimming pool for the first time this year? Haha u know I love ya all! Let's see we stayed home Friday night watch a movie and chilled in the hot tube we had a few clients Saturday morning we wasn't suppose 2 have but one of the other crews cancel out so I said we would take it. Saturday after work we came home jumped in the pool for a while then got dressed and went 2 dinner. We went 2 the olive garden I really like that place. Anyway after dinner we came back home got in the hot tube for about an hour and some friends called and ask if we want 2 go out and I knew Austin did even tho he didn't say anything I just know he wanted 2. So ended up going 2 Ybor City (pronounced EE-borh) they have a Gay district down there and some of the clubs you only have to be 18 to get in not like that club in St Pete that I won't name that we got bared from coz of the 21 age thing for those that live in the area you know what club I am talking about.

Anyway Saturday night we went out for some parting and dancing. Sunday we laid around the house and no it wasn't because of hangovers. We both I think only had a couple drinks. Sunday was just lazy day with the Indy 500 on follow by the Coke 600 it was just race day all day. I am so happy Kasey won I am not a Tony fan and was so glad his tire blew. Monday we had some friends and neighbors over for a cookout and for the record the guy down the road with the houseboy they came also. This time we just talked about everything and nothing. I know it's unlike me but I am takin ya'lls advice on this one and not saying anything. Austin talked 2 the boy and he knows we would help if he needed it but yesterday he seem happy so I am not getting involved. I been tryin 2 figure out home come all the neighbors come 2 our house who's house did they all go 2 when I am not down here. Oh well I like having people over and we had a good time. I do have a question maybe somebody could answer do you think people settle for someone just so there not alone?

Later from Florida!
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  1. Sounds like a good week-end!
    Yes I KNOW several people who have "settled" just so they won't be alone.
    To me, it's sad but hey if it works for you who am I to judge?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I worked with a gal who married a guy that beat her every day. We, her co-workers couldn't understand why she married the guy. People who knew him told her he was mean. Her answer, "He's the only guy who ever asked me to marry him".
    It rained here yesterday but I put the grill on the carport and cooked out anyway. We had hot dogs and turkey burgers. With Cole slaw and Potato salad and Ice Tea. I love summer. I wish that summer could always be here. Ed

  3. sillyboi Says:

    Well the question you ask is not a clear yes or no. I have seen many people *in my 26 years* that have gotten together because they are lonely only to get hurt, then I have seen those who got together and stayed together. I have seen some that are lonely but want to find the right person and eventually they do but I wonder how lonely they are in their searches. I myself, I like the fact I am single, just because of the fact I am not trully ready to settle down right now with finances and other things being too complicated right now. I wouldnt be able to give it my all and I wouldnt want to put my boyfriend in that situatiuon. It isnt fair to them and not fair to myself. So Its a hard question to fully answer. I think the majority of people just date other for the fact they are lonely or on the rebound. But you do have those few out there that dont. So my best opinion is that the answer to your question is Yes.

  4. Carl Says:


  5. Tim Says:

    yes and it's not really a tragedy, after all they are filling a need. They might have chosen suicide instead.

  6. Laurie Says:

    Glad you had a good weekend. I
    spent Sunday at a BBQ/poker game.
    It's fun to watch drunk people
    play games.

    To answer your question, I have
    known some people who have just
    gone from person to person so that
    they won't be alone. Heck, one
    never waited till her divorce
    papers were signed.

    I miss you and I know you need to
    talk so you know my number.

    I love you boy!



  7. jimm Says:

    I'll answer with a question. Is it better to stay alone? I hate being so isolated.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Oh tadpole, believe me you are just a baby to a cantakerous old guy like myself. But even I found someone and we're still together after fifteen years. And you know what, we really do love each other.

    We really need you to come up north, way up north. If you think Olive Garden is good, you'll think you died and went to heaven if you ate at any restaurant on Providence's Federal Hill.

    That's where the immigrants from Napoli, Fondi and other towns in that part of Italy settled. And some of us still live here.

    The food is excellent.