The Crazy Weekend

What a crazy weekend and St Pete pride an it until this coming weekend. I can only imagine what that's gonna be like. A friend of mine came into town and finally got 2 cut loose a little. He has been under so much stress and wasn't allowed 2 be himself and finally he got 2 even tho he missed an appointment that people are sayin sealed his deal but I ask him sealed the deal the deal is already sealed so why bother? So yeah big changes coming for him. We were up at Ybor City in the Gaybor district we had a blast up there I think we hit every freaken club up there had a blast in Steam tho we met these 2 twins Kevin & Kyle wow how cute man oh man lets just say someone in our group woke up in between a k&k sandwich Saturday morning. No it wasn't mean but if it was I would have been in heaven!

Saturday morning me & Austin had one client we got are asses up at 6am 2 meet this guy and get his appointment in. I tell ya neither one of us wanted 2 get our asses up and out of bed either. We got back home and there was a pool party going on this was at 11 in the morning I am like damn what the hell. Then Kevin handed us a bloody mary and it was on haha! We all swam for a while did the hottub grilled out for lunch and we decided we was gonna go 2 Detours and see the drag show my friend and k&k never seen one before so we thought that would be a good place. They had a ok drag show there even tho a couple of the girls in the show freak me out. What I mean is the one girl is tall and kinda big built and she got real tits I am like eww. Sorry but 2 me a drag queen is someone who dresses up like a girl but don't have real tits 2 me that's just gross. Anyhoo we got up there and 2 our surprise no show seem the drag queens had been fired all they said was 2 much drama with them and they should have some new ones soon. I am like omg drama and drag queens go hand in hand don't they?

Anyway we ended up staying and we were all a little shit face time we left there. We got back home and we ate and went 2 bed. Sunday we got up and my Friend had rented a boat and we went out on the gulf for the day. Wasn't much drinkin going on I think the waves and all we was just waiting 2 see who threw up first. We finally did get feeling better and did some water sports and about 4 came back in and return the boat went home and we cooked out. Everybody was feeling tired and we decided we would catch a movie and call it a night so we pop in shortbus if you haven't seen it I say go rent it very good movie and besides it shows a lot of cock in it haha I know I'm a sicko. About time movie was over everyone was ready for bed I was wonderin when k&k was going back home well they finally did Monday morning man they were hot! Monday was just Monday we worked came home chilled in the hot tub and then the pool that about covers my weekend.

Where does this phrase come from?
So hold me when I’m here,
Love me when I’m wrong,
Hold me when I’m scared,
You won’t always be there,
So love me when I’m gone.
So love me when I’m gone.

The words are awesome does anyway know I do hehe!
Later from Florida!
4 Responses
  1. Laurie Says:

    It's some of the song lyrics from
    the band 3 doors down.

    Glad you had a great weekend. Wish
    I could say the same about mine.

  2. Yeah it's Three Doors Down.

    Sounds like a FUN week-end!! Wahoo!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Ditto: Three Doors Down "When I'm Wrong". The internet is great isn't it?
    Sounds like a fun time Ryan but a guy my age it would have killed.
    The twin sandwich sounds like a great meal. Ed

  4. Martin Says:

    I'm with Ed...a weekend like that would probably kill me too....but what a great way to go! :)