Questions, HNT & other stuff

I feel better today than I did yesterday just when my friends get pissed on it ticks me off. The thing is I need 2 learn that I can't fix everything even tho I try. I still can't talk about the drama yesterday but soon as I can I will. Some of u already know coz we talked on the phone or by email and I spilled I just can't on here. Drama got 2 love huh?

Anyway on 2 the questions I got first one is from Carl and he ask are you happy? Well for the most I am there is some things in life that would make me happier but I am learning I can't make things happen if they just aren't meant 2 be. I am happy I mover 2 Florida even tho my parents keep close track of me I still feel I have the freedom I wanted. I am happy with my job I totally love helping people and being able 2 use a pool to do so is even better. I'm happy with Austin we have are troubles just any couple but it's still new and were working on it. So I would say yes for the most part I am happy.

Next question come from Seth he said he has been a fan of the blog of the blog for a long time and when I was with Mikey he said Mikey posted a few times about um my size let's just leave it at that. I have never bragged unless someone made hateful comments about size and then I said I would go cock to cock with anybody. What I mean by that is I will put my money where my mouth is and If they posted a nude pic head to toe then I would match it. See I don't brag about size just not me but I'm not scared either 2 go pic to pic with any of the haters. I was born with bad hearing, bad eyes, bad blood sugar and a weak immune system I think I earn the right 2 have something 2 be proud of. So Seth yes I am proud and that's all I'm gonna say about it.

Next was from Ann she wanted 2 know if I was doing anything for pride this year? Ann I wished but I just don't have time this year I wanted 2 do something special like I did last year but with moving and a new job I just didn't have time. I am going 2 St Pete Pride it's one of the biggest in the States we are told so I will be there. I'm sure we will be hitting a few of the clubs around the area also.

Last question this week is from me 2 anybody that is gay maybe my age but don't have 2 be that might be willing 2 help me with this blog email me for details if you might be interested.

For HNT this time boys in the shower as I peeked in on them hehe!

Later from Florida!

9 Responses
  1. Laurie Says:

    You know *E* will not see this
    picture. It would break his heart.


  2. Baby Says:

    Well Welcome to the Sunshine State - I moved to Ft. Lauderdale when I was 19 (not there anymore)- and loved it!!! There was so much fun to be had! :) Enjoy! HHNT!!!!!!

  3. Melanie Says:

    that is one sexy picture


  4. Lewis Says:

    cock to cock. Hehehe.
    Money where your mouth is. Hehehe.

  5. Sorry about the drama, but thanks for the pic. Happy HNT!

  6. Polt Says:

    Ryan, sweetie, just a bit of advice...if you're going to take a photo of two hot sexy guys in the shower...AIM THE CAMERA LOWER!!!

    :) :) :)


  7. Happy HNT y'all! =)

  8. Enjoy Pride and don't let the drama get you down.

    Hey if you've got it - flaunt it! Is my motto!

  9. Derek Says:

    Hey mr, when is St. Pete pride I go down there and have fun a good bit.