Naughty schoolboy

So I've been banished to my bedroom like a naughty schoolboy; actually it's a self-imposed imprisonment as the manwife doesn't appreciate large chunks of my record collection... I know it's cool though :-)

I just wanted to exress some ire: Robert "just been sworn in for a sixth time" Mugabe is really starting to irk me now as he claims a "democratic" mandate for his presidency. There I've said it and it wasn't that tricky to do so from the comfort of my flat in Dublin. However, the reality for many Zimbabweans is obviously horrifically different as their right to a free and fair election has been stomped over. Not to mention the awful state the country's economy is in... Grrrr. All eyes on the African Union now.

In other news, peel-off face masks are incompatible with having a beard.
2 Responses
  1. Lewis Says:

    Naughy school boy in your bedroom? Oh my god. Why don't you just go ahead and turn me on.

  2. LMAO at Lewis!!!!!