Summer Camp

First off before I write this post let me say I do not condone sex with anyone underage I want 2 make that clear. I know some of you will get pissed off and say bad things and that's ok I can take it I just want 2 make it clear that I do not approve of underage sex.

When I was 13 I went away 2 summer camp as I did almost every summer since I was 9. I looked forward 2 it every year and I had friends there I would only see once a year and it seems like everybody liked everyone and nobody got pick on I felt accepted. This time at camp something was different it wasn't everyone else but it was me. Now I know there a big debate on gay people some say we become gay while real gay people know we were born this way. I knew back in kindergarten something about was different coz I look at boys and thought how cute they were so I don't need anyone 2 tell me I became gay I was born gay! That is another story by itself really this story I want 2 tell is about summer camp.

I was 13 at summer camp and it all felt so different even tho most the people were the same. We all was in the eating hall waiting for the camp counselors to divide us all up and tell us what cabins we would be in. Then out of the corner of my eye he walked in. A new camp counselor I didn't know how old he was but I was guessing 18 maybe 19 and was a Greek Freakin God! I watch him walk 2 the front of the room and praying I get pick 2 go into his cabin! They started calling names and putting kids with there camp counselor and they he got up and they said this our new counselor Danny and he will be calling his group now. I am like let my name be on his list oh please let my name be on his list. He called names and was getting down 2 the last few beds and I am like dammit I'm not gonna get him then all of the sudden he called my name and not only that when I was walking up to join the group he winked at me. Gosh I remember like it was yesterday and it gave me a hard on back then and right now also damn!

Anyway 2 say I had a crush is not saying much I was in love or so I thought. Now I'm not gonna go into great detail of things that happen that lead up 2 the first night we did something. But the reason for this post is ok he was 19 and I was 13 people would look down on that as a bad thing and he should have know better maybe not for me 2 say. All I know is I wanted him bad and I was gonna do anything I could 2 get him before summer camp was over with. Was any of it Danny's fault maybe some but what I am tryin 2 say is some boys mature quicker than other boys I know I did. I knew I wanted 2 have sex with Danny and honest it was all that was on my mind at summer camp I wasn't gonna stop until I got it. Now like I said earlier I am not condoning it but I personally think that some boys are ready and some or not. Now I'm not saying it's ok for a man 2 sleep with a boy and yes Danny was 19 and consider a man I at 13 didn't see him as one I seen another kid a boy not much older than me that made me feel funny inside and I wanted him.

I guess what I am trying 2 say I see in the news all the time where adults get arrested for sex with minors and some of them need 2 be in jail when it's an old guy that has forced it. But sometime it's not the adults fault and yeah I know people gonna say he's older he should know better but come on I have seen 16 year boys and girls that look 18 or 19 looking fine and if they show a 20 something or even a 30 something a little bit of time that person is gonna jump on it in a heart beat. Hell I don't know what I am trying 2 say other than What I had that summer with Danny I will never forget I don't feel he used me in anyway it was what I wanted and I went for it. He was sweet and nice and gentle and didn't do anything I didn't want him 2. Oh trust me there is more gay sex going on at summer camps than people know. Just something that anit talked about. Please comment if you wish on this topic good or bad get your 2 cents in on this. Just remember only comments I ever delete are hate comments other than that I can take it if you disagree with me I think that's what make us are own person!
Later From Florida!
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  1. steevo Says:

    Not very shocking to me. Who seduced whom? Up until a few generations ago you would have both been minors. Age of consent is a very difficult thing. But how can they write a law that takes into consideration the maturity level of the younger person and his/her ability to freely consent? In some countries the age of consent for females is LESS than for boys. Sounds h'phobic to me. And men wanting access to young girls.

    steevo in cali

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I think the age of consent is to high for males since the law was established to prevent young girls from becoming pregnant. Don't hate me. I think women would throw a hissy fit if they tried to lower the age of consent for males and not for females. It used to be different here. My Mom was 16 and my Dad was 22 when they got married in 1948. All they needed was a note from my moms parents. It could be the same wih gay men they could change the law so they could have sex if the parents gave there consent agreeing that their son is mature and ready. I won't hold my breath. Hugs, Ed

  3. Lewis Says:

    You know, there are bad things when it's not consentual, forced, and not invited. And there are fantastic things when it's consentual, invited, and happens just the way it should. I'd be your camp counselor any day. Now, get into my!

  4. elise Says:

    It is so true that individuals mature sexually at very different ages. I remember my 1st major crush on a boy in 4th grade, and being so upset that he still thought girls had cooties!

  5. Baby Says:

    As someone who began to have sex at the same age as you were, and my first being a man in his mid-20s, I cannot - without a doubt - toss any stones your way! But, your situation sounds easier on the ears as well as easier to digest because you were both "teenagers"...and you are lucky to also have a memory to it that you want to keep too!!! That's a good thing...

  6. dit Says:

    I agree with Lewis, as long as it was consentual. Great story, reminds me of a few of the cute guys I have crushed on. 8-)

  7. jimm Says:

    Scouts camp was always fun, especially the skinny dipping at nite!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    My first experience was when I was 14 with a 23 year old guy, but I was the aggressor. He never tried anything with me, I just knew what I wanted and went after it.

  9. Tim Says:

    i started at 12-13 but it was always with kids my age. I would have fooled around with an older guy if any were available I'm sure. Still I understand why the laws are there and I'm not for taking them down.

  10. sillyboi Says:

    Hmm Age of Consent, makes no sense to me really. It does but the way the laws are applied down here in Georgia, it just confuses me. You say the age of consent is a certain age but then you say the age of Majority is another but yet you place restrictions on people do to the 3yrs and up law. If i was 14 and someone was 17 it would be ok. but if i was 13 the other would go to jail. Doesnt make any sense to me. Yet at the ripe old age of 17 you are what they refer to as Age of Majority. *whatever that means. I have yet to determine that phrase* and you had sex with someone who was 21 they go to jail and then have to register as a sex offender for the possibility of life. I personally dont think thats fair.

    Now onto the subject of what Ryan asked, I dont see anything wrong with it personally.. I was 12 and having sex with girls who were 16-18. Yea an early bloomer.. As I got older or even around the same age I was messing with guys that was well in their early 20's. I too was the agressor and I so desperately wanted the feeling of being wanted. Too much had happened when I was younger and therapist say that my lusting for older guys/girls was do to the fact I was raped/molested. I disapprove of that, because it was always that way even when i was younger. So in all honestly, i believe this, age is just 2 numbers that prohibit 2 individuals from doing what came naturally. I do condone underage sex. I am with Ryan on this, but jeeze let mature people decide what they want and let them do it as long as it is safe and consentual..

    Anyway onto the other subject, I personally believe we are born gay. It isnt something you can or can not turn off. You do what isor what feels best to you. Be it a sexual attraction towards guys/girls or even both.. I mean I was attracted to girls when i was younger but ultimately decided my attraction to guys was far more potent than it was ever with girls. I have always had this lust for guys even when I was younger and even came out as being Bi, when I was 11. I thought I was nuts and my family would throw me to the curb, but i was dead wrong and just embraced me and said it your life I dont condone it. I was shocked but ever since I was 11 it started the game of cat and mouse, except I was always the cat and whomever i was chasing at the time was the mouse, be it a guy or a girl. I strictly stay to just men now as I have gotten older and I just dont think that I could ever love another woman as I did my fiance who was killed when i was 16.

    But in closing, I say that regardless of the outcome to everything, I am who I am and I will be who I am and no one will change me. I will date who I wish to date. Sexuality is difficult as it is, there is no need to place labels on someone, just because they choose to be extreme on one side of the fence or another.

    Great post Ry.
    "Never let yesterday's misfortunes surpass tomorrows dreams" By Timothy A Butler.

  11. I don't consider it a problem if the younger initiates, only if the elder takes advantage or manipulates. Does that make sense? LOL
    This applies to either gender of course!

  12. I do think the age of consent is to high but I also think that perhaps the culture in which we perpetual the focus on Sex.. we will always been seen in the eyes of the law as second class citizens.