Child Sexual Abuse

Ya know I am pissed so this is my pissed posted. Somebody I know I found out over the weekend was sexual abused by there family member I really would like 2 go into it who what and when by can't so right now just hang with me in time I will. This pisses me off so bad someone you know the family trusted this guy and he went and did this. The sad part is he hated gays said we were the scrum of the earth and that he wouldn't trust me with his kinds or any fags for that matter well I love bring news 2 dumbass people look at the numbers they don't lie. I got my info from American Psychological Association check it out!

70% of all perpetrators of sexual abuse are related to their victim. Child sexual abuse offenses where the perpetrator is related to the child, either by blood or marriage. The most-often reported form is father-daughter and stepfather-daughter with most of the remaining reports consisting of mother/stepmother-daughter/son. Father-son incest is reported less often, however it is not known if the prevalence is less because it is under-reported by a greater margin. Prevalence of parental child sexual abuse is difficult to assess due to secrecy and privacy some estimates show 20 million Americans have been victimized by parental incest as children.

60% are other acquaintances such as friends of the family, babysitters, or neighbors; strangers are the offenders in approximately 10% of child sexual abuse cases. Most child sexual abuse is committed by men women commit approximately 14% of offenses reported against boys and 6% of offenses reported against girls.

Look it up for yourself straight men abuse children more than gay men do and then they call me the scrum of the earth. I say the hell with you they should take and cut your penis right off. This just pisses me off coz I know there are good gay parents out there that could give a lot 2 a child that is in the system Coz there gay they won't let them adopt a child for fear that were gonna abuse them. Well like I said look at the numbers before you point your fingers at us gays look in your own back yard bitches!

Tomorrow or maybe Thursday I am gonna get into Sordid Lives the Series!
Later from Florida!

Oh all comments welcome on this topic good or bad!
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  1. Laurie Says:

    Why can't people keep their hands
    off kids?


  2. Anonymous Says:

    i can vouch for that first-hand. have seen it occur time after time in my own family and it fucking pisses me off too- as we all know "the pot calls the kettle black"!!!!!"ain't it a BITCH!"

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Isn't it odd that they call us queer and fear us being around their children. Not only are most child abusers ST8 but most Rapists are ST8 too. Women should fear ST8 men and feel safe around Gay men. That is why they like to have Gay friends. I think there are many more men especially step-fathers who abuse their children than has been reported. It brings a feeling of shame to the child being abused and fear of being made fun of by fellow classmates that make a child keep quiet. We so want to love our parents and have them love us back that when they violate that love and trust it makes us feel worthless.

  4. elise Says:

    I agree with castration, and long jail sentences. It is well-established in the scientific community that most sexual predators CANNOT be "cured".

    I have also read many times that most of these monsters self-identify as "straight"--but the public needs way more education about this. Except for a bunch of sicko priests our gay neighbors and teachers are not the ones to be afraid of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. What is even more frightening is so many times you would have never guessed that person......
    It makes me sick. I agree no rehabilitation for child molesters.

  6. Lewis Says:

    I've only seen the Sordid Lives movie...twice. My friends told me that the premiere of the series last week was disappointing....way too many commercials.