Pre-victory lap

Not a lot happening really as we're still in waiting for the cremation of my nan (tomorrow afternoon), I'm still at my parents so I've not had a lot of internet access or time - so I apologise for my lack on contributions to the blog lately.

The manwife has headed back to Ireland to prepare for his repatriation to the UK, a phrase which makes "packing" sound more glamorous than perhaps it is. Ho hum. Needless to say we enjoyed some of teh hawt gay sexings while he was here, which was nice :-) My parents are really accepting of him and have even offered some of my nan's furniture to us to help us set up home.

Outside of the family home England is gripped with Obama-mania! It's in the papers, the news, the pub chatter, the..., you get the picture. I enjoyed a piece of Downing Street protocol early on which prevented our premier from shaking the hand of the presidential candidate as he'd not done so to McCain when they were at a press event together recently. Symbolism in politics, you've gotta love it. He also met (possible future leader) Cameron who apparently gave him some Radiohead CDs to add to that already famous ipod list. The rest of Europe seems to have gone bonkers over Obama's tour too, especially the Germans whom it seem almost need reminding that he's not won the damn thing yet. It seems we Europeans get pant wettingly excited by the Obama stardust! The only disconcerting thing appears to be that some of the broadsheets have suggested that this "pre-victory lap" is upsetting voters back home. Thoughts?

More regular blogging should resume from Tuesday onwards (fingers crossed) and in the mean time I wish Ryan well and hope he works through whatever is troubling him - *hugs*

4 Responses
  1. David Says:

    yes this pre-victory lap does upset some, but i think it makes others happy because it shows that obama is actually serious about winning the election.

    what was mccain doing while obama was over in europe? he was in a german restaurant. if mccain wins, i'm moving to europe. or canada.

    i dunno if i've said this before, but nice blog!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    McCain has dementia and his years in a prisoner of war camp have left him paranoid. We do so look forward to having a sane president once more who can befriend you guys instead of alienating everyone. Who can talk to those we disagree with instead of attacking them. A Harvard graduate instead of a c student drop out who hid behind his daddy's coattails. 01/20/09 the end of an error? ed

  3. So sorry about your nan... i'm still on the fence about Obama. I was a Hillary fan *sniffle*

  4. Tim Says:

    It didn't go over very well, reading between the lines Obama basically said he'd go to war with Pakistan, and that didn't sit well with a lot of the home audience. My bf is reconsidering him after the Berlin speech and i don't think he's the only one.
    Oddly the germans didn't see it that way, but than again most of the world doesn't really understand our politics, or we theirs.