Have a Fabulous Weekend

When I get missing my Mom I always pop in the Golden Girls on dvd and call my Mom. When I was little me and Mom would sit and watch them together and of course as a gay boy I fell in love with them. I still watch them today when I catch them on lifetime. Anyhoo thanx for all the comments and emails and your support & advice I know it sounds like I have a lot of drama going on but anit I suppose 2 after all I am a young gay male and from what I am told that's what were all about then we get older and see that some of the drama was uncalled for haha! Hey thanks for being a friend!

Later from Florida!
4 Responses
  1. Laurie Says:


    I love the golden girls too!


  2. Honey not just young gay males have the drama. As a twenty-something I had more than enough drama.
    Try being choked while held out of a four story window by your boyfriend whom you just broke up with.
    Try being dragged by your hair from a moving car by same boyfriend because he didn't want you to go with your friends to Clemson.

    Yeah everyone has drama. Don't let anyone make you feel bad/guilty about yours.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks Ryan, I enjoy being your friend. even though we've never met I think I know enough about you to consider you a good friend.
    I watched the Golden Girls religously growing up. It was a spin-off of Too Close for Comfort I think.
    Happy weekend after the fourth everyone. Hugs and more. Ed

  4. Martin Says:

    Look at it this way...at least when you're older, you'll have all that drama to look back on & laugh about. I'm just the opposite; I'm bored most of the time-maybe I need some drama to liven things up! :)