I've always been told when your not a happy person the only one that can change that is you. So I need 2 do some soul searching change some things in my life and make it all better again. I wish I could spill more on here but I just can't but in time I will be able 2 and let ya'll in on what I am dealing with until then I need 2 work them out first. Oh on the post from the other day I did call the main office of the care home and filed a complaint and I talk with my family and we decided 2 make sure we go more so maybe it will be better now I hope.

Later from Florida HHNT!
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  1. Carl Says:

    You are right, the only thing you can change is yourself.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    There is no I in Friends. Well there is but it is a little one. You don't have to go through shit alone. We want to help and we care. I know you'd help me. To have friends a person must be one. Hugs and smooches, Ed

  3. Polt Says:

    Not really into feet, but that's a sexy pose. Could have shown a bit of tuckus too, couldn't you? :)


  4. Baby Says:

    You need some sunshine and fresh air! Go to the beach!!! It's a scorcher today - the ocean would be refreshing for the mind and spirit! As well as all the half nekkid people running around :) Happy HNT!!!!

  5. Laurie Says:

    We'll have to have a nice long
    talk on Monday.


    ps. I tickled your piggy toes :)

  6. Dr. Panhandle Bob Says:

    Why are the lives of gay guys always filled with such drama? Ryan, sweetie, lookie here. EVERYBODY has to deal with potentially stressful, upsetting or emotional crap every single day. It's called "life." And you know what adults do? We deal with it. We don't get all freaked out in either a positive or negative way. We keep it on an "even keel" as my sailor friends say.

    But not you. Ryan, you come on here, time after time, teasing us with some, well, drama that you "can't talk about right now" because it's too upsetting. And the adults among us roll our collective eyes and yawn and think to ourselves, "Here we go again."

    Here's the reality: Life goes on. When something "bad" happens, you can get upset, you can beat your head against the wall, you can jump and down and scream, you can worry and fret until the cows come home. Usually, none of that makes much of a difference. The ONLY thing you *can* control is your reaction to the things that life deals you. And son, if you don't learn to take things in stride and to keep them in perspective, you're going to give yourself a stroke. (And not the good kind.)

    Or you'll end up being one of "those guys" whose lives are just in constant "unavoidable" turmoil. Yeah, unavoidable, right. We all know people like that, and frankly, we tend to avoid them. I mean, I'm just being honest here. I know a woman who's life is just one big catastrophe after another - there's *always* some drama going on. It's tiresome. Most people who know her keep her at arm's length (if they haven't shunned her completely), and of course she now complains that she hasn't any friends. Gee, I wonder why!

    Live well, love well, eat well and be at peace with your surroundings and all in it. Do not hate. God did not put us here to be in constant conflict with life. We're supposed to enjoy these 90 or so years (why *else* are we here?). And it sounds to me like you're not having very much fun.

    And if that's the case it's probably your own damn fault. Learn to chill, boy.

  7. Bad Bad Girl Says:

    That's a fun picture. Like you just jumped on the bed! And yeah, I feel you. soul search, coming right up.

  8. I wish I had the courage/brains to make some bold changes, do it now while you're young Ryan seriously. The older you get the harder it will be. Be happy honey. You deserve it!

  9. Vixen Says:

    Sexy pose. HappyHNT studmuffin. :)

  10. Aaron Says:

    Ryan, my sweet boy, I echo both what Ed and "Dr. Bob" say. I think you would benefit from reading and watching "the Secret" ... awesome ... helpful ... you could also visit my blog (but I have been remiss in adding to it cuz I'm so busy).