Hello sailor and other nonsense

Sorry for the brief hiatus but I’d been back in the UK attending interview which was nerve wracking! Rather than flying between Dublin and London we, the manwife came with me as he was on his way to Brighton, sailed. Our primary motivation for this was the fact that the manwife doesn’t enjoy flying and it’s supposedly more carbon friendly. However, I get horrendously seasick so it’s not the ideal solution, but meh – the things we do for love eh? Needless to say, when I was traveling back alone I took the plane. The long and the short of this is that I’ll be starting my new job in September which is nice.

Post UK and back in Dublin I had a few days in the office during which time a tame postdoc wandered into my office and defiled my whiteboard with pictures of particles orbiting a black hole. After a few hours it became apparent that I wasn’t of much use so the dejected postdoc was released back into the wild to spend the remainder of the day frolicking in the twenty minutes of sun Ireland had appointed her for “Summer”.

I’d intended the weekend to be a relatively subdued affair and Friday night I settled in front of the TV to watch the BBC4 Nick Cave session with a glass of wine but things were not to be… My flatmate’s girlfriend is leaving for a month today so a glass of wine turned a few drinkies which finally crashed headlong into the intoxicating bender of doom™. Boys are ugly but so cute does not endorse heavy drinking and I was suitably punished Saturday morning.

So, via yesterday’s post about Rafa’s win, that brings me up to date. Today all eyes are on the General Synod meeting in York to see how the Anglican faith will resolve the potential schism over women bishops. The conservatives are calling for a men’s only church, the liberals for ordination of female bishops and the compromise position is one for creating a two-tier church with “super-bishops” to provide an alternative authority position if the local parish don’t recognize the authority of any female bishop they may be appointed. Personally, I’d like to see greater equality in the church and would rather the debate went on longer than adopting a two-tier unhappy-half-way-house. As we all know, fighting for equality is worth doing right even if it takes time although I think the wait has already been too long. Incidentally, the General Synod (being held at the University of York where I studied for a few years) has introduced additional “airport” style security measures this year. What happened to the image of the CoE was a mainly "tea-and-scones" religion?

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