A Care Home

I had a wonderful weekend at Daytona I still am not happy with the new car but I have 2 get use 2 it coz there not gonna go back. All I can hope for is this one won't stay around long before they decide 2 change designs again. All in all it was a good time and I am happy that Kyle won if my friend can't win then I'm pulling for Kyle 2 win it all.Yesterday I went 2 visit my Aunt she's in a care home that I won't mention. Anyway I haven't been a good nephew 2 be honest I haven't visited as much as I could I mean it's in the same town that I live in least I could do is go and visit a few times a week. I will be working on that from now on trust me. Anyway yesterday while I was there I got upset and finally I went off on some people. Let me take you 2 how it all started I know my Aunt smokes like an old train so I always check outside before I go 2 her room well she wasn't there on my way 2 her room she was at the nurses station waiting 2 get her pills I heard the nurse talking very cocky 2 her and saying stuff like this "I am not running all over this building looking for you 2 give u your meds if your not in your room at 5 then I'm not worried if you get them or not" I am like WTF? When she seen me walk up all the sudden change here attitude the look on my face she knew I heard and I was pissed. I didn't say anything at first there is 3 nurses sitting there on there asses doing nothing there is a lady in wheel chair behind me yelling she cold and a man walking down the hallway naked.

Finally I had enough and I had 2 open up my big mouth I said excuse me you have a lady back here that telling you she is cold you have a man walking here in front of God and everybody naked and you I pointed at the nurse that was cocky with my Aunt I said you was being shitty 2 my Aunt coz you didn't want 2 walk your fat ass down the hall 2 the smoking room 2 give her the meds she needs. I look at the other nurse and said you need 2 get this women a blanket of something and you (the other nurse needs 2 take this man 2 his room or dress him you have ladies her) and you need 2 either lose your attitude or get yourself another job. Well you think that went over well? Oh hell no it ended up being a knock down fight me against these 3 nurses and them telling me I have no rights there coz I didn't have power of over my Aunt so I called my other Aunt and ask her 2 come up there right away and I told her what I walk into and she went off on them also. They told her if I come in there starting trouble again they would have me throw out and a restraining order against me so I can't come back. I am still thinking wtf?

I already called there head office for what good it will do but this is what I am thinking. What a shame that we have people in care homes taking care of are elderly like this. I don't know I was raised to be proud of your job be proud of what you do and if your not then get another job. These nurses should be ashamed and one day they will be old and I hope they get treated better than they way they are treating people right now. I thought we put are loves ones in care homes coz we are unable 2 take care of them they way they need 2 be and a care home was suppose 2 go out of there way 2 make sure they do get the help and care. If this is the way we take care of our elderly then same on us!

Later from Florida!
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  1. elise Says:

    Oh, Ryan--You have touched a very raw nerve in me. There are huge problems with nursing homes in this country, and no easy solution.One big problem is money. Most nursing homes rely on federal reimbursements for patient care, and the payments are constantly delayed, and are not sufficient to hire enough qualified staff.

    I have worked on both sides of this industry--as the government regulator, and representing the owners of the homes. I also had the misfortune of being a nursing home resident for 6 weeks while recovering from a car accident.

    If the owner can't or won't pay the hands-on worker a respectible wage, and treat them with dignity, then the worker is less likely to have pride in his/her work. Then the residents/patients suffer.

    Money and attitude. It starts at the top.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I would rather be dead than go to a nursing home. My BFF was in one and they treated him like a slab of meat. They let him fall out of bed and break his hip then they tied him and left him for long periods of time without anybody helping him. He was very shy and didn't want females seeing him naked. I was there one time when they came to change his bed clothes and diaper. They made me get out and closed the door. He screamed and cried and I pounded on the door but they wouldn't open it until they were done. I told them if they were going to bath him and change him they should have called a male nurse. They looked at me like I was crazy. I had to sign in so they knew my name. They called his dad and told him I was upsetting him and he banned me from visiting. A week later on Christmas day 2007 my BFF died and they took him far away and I never got to say good bye. I'm sorry I can't see to type anymore it sems my eyes are leaking again. ED

  3. Tim Says:

    well most likely there is a department that over sees nursing homes and a complaint like yours should cause an inspection. They were all obviously not living up to their job and were just mad that you called them out on it.

  4. jimm Says:

    everyone needs to do some serious research before entering a loved one into a nursing home. after picking the best one, make frequent visits, ask both the patient and nurses questions. that demonstrates that you are watching out for your kin.

    ryan, maybe you should jus contact your aunt rather than the nurses themself. you're a second pair of eyes for your aunt.

    i been thru all this with my dad.

    my bro questioned the dr about every drug they gave him. he researched on-line every drug and medical procedure. you be surprised how much is unnecessary.

    its all built-in for in$urance companie$ and nur$ing home$ to bill Uncle $am.(that wud be us, the tax payers)

  5. You did the RIGHT thing and don't back down. Have your Aunt stay on their ass (if she has the power over your other Aunt's care).
    My Grandfather was in a horrible home and I still feel guilty that I didn't go visit him. It just hurt too much. I will never make that mistake with someone I love again though. Ever.

    You & the hub are pulling for Kyle. LOL *eye roll* I am pulling for Tony & Jr. (and always your friend, I still vote for him as most popular drive faithfully every day)

  6. Ed I am so sorry for your friend and for you. Your story made my eyes leak too :(

  7. elise Says:

    Ed---I am so sorry for your loss, and the horrors you both endured. Please accept my love and hugs and sincere hopes for better days...

  8. Ed Says:

    Ryan, Threatening to withhold medication by a caregiver is a crime, and it should be reported to the Florida Abuse Registry (1-800-962-2873).

  9. Martin Says:

    ED, So sorry to hear what happened to you. Just from your comments , you seem like a sweet person. Hope things get better for you.

    From what I've heard about nursing homes, I plan to avoid them at all costs, even if it would mean living on the street.