Last night about 10:30 I was in bed just about ready to fall into a hard sleep when I heard the door of my house open. I am thinking it's Mom or Dad or hell maybe someone broke in then I thought naw coz I live in a gated and patrol community has to be the rents or one of them so I got up walk into the living room standing there was Mikey he said surprise I'm here for the weekend. Him and Mom planned it out and didn't tell me so yeah I am like so happy so have a safe and fun Labor Day Weekend and ya'll better be back here and on your blogs Tuesday or I'm gonna be pissed!

This love of ours is just as strong as any vow could be
And love could never be better for you and me
When you look at me like you do right now I go to pieces
Cause I know what's on your mind it's just me
You've got that love-me-look in your eyes like you've had so many times and how
Loving you could never be better than it is right now!

Later from Florida!

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5 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    It's my birthday today so the good news about Mikey will be my present from you guys.
    I don't know why I keep living but it must be for some reason. ed

  2. I just love those "Mikey moments"!!! Have a fabu Labor Day Sweetie!

  3. Gledwood Says:

    a gated community. ooo! lucky you

    hey wanna swap lives for a month?

    (har har har!!)

  4. Laurie Says:

    HEY!! MIKEY!!! You went to the
    wrong house!!! You were supposed
    to come here to me in Texas :(
    Oh well :( another lose for me :(

    Y'all enjoy your weekend and I hope
    to have the pictures of the boy
    in his uniform marching!


  5. jimm Says:

    Jus remember...

    Don't stop believin' !!!!!