Bet on It part 2

Well have you missed me? I have been thru hell and back well for me anyway. Then I spent a little time feeling sorry for myself and then all of the sudden I was flipping thru the tv and bam I seen a cutie and thought let me stay here for a bit. It was Zac Efron and what a hottie huh? Anyway he was in one of the high school musical things he did I'm not sure what one but the song he was singing hit me like a brick and I just had 2 find it online and I did and I listen 2 it over and over and I said this is my song. Of course I put the video on the blog and did up myspace with it also I am totally into this song right now. There is a lot that has happen some I anit gonna talk about now so just deal for now ok. I know I hate leavin ya'll hangin but sometimes its for the best for all of us.

I will tell ya about Saturday night tho coz I got a little sideways. My neighbor and good friend Daniel come over about 8 I think it was told me 2 get dressed we were going out! I was like I don't want 2 go anywhere he wasn't gonna take no for an answer so I got up and got dressed and we went out on the town. It's kinda strange honest coz he is not a club person. When we got 2 the club it was different lookin didn't have all the people running in and out we walk in it was kinda laid back type place. I was like this is cool coz I didn't really want 2 go in the first place most the people in the club were older but I have never minded that I always seem 2 get along better with older people anyway. They had karaoke going on and most everybody in the club was doing songs so I order a drink and follow Daniel 2 a seat.

Daniel told me that the single guys would be on me coz guys my age don't come in that much. Boy he was right next thing I knew I had like 10 drinks in front of me guys buying drinks like crazy. I thought they were sweet and I tried 2 dance with everyone that bought me a drink. I also got up and did some karaoke and I have 2 admit had one of the best times ever and yes I wasn't feeling any pain! There was this one guy who was super sweet and made sure with Daniel that everyone was playing nice with me coz of the state I was in I couldn't do it myself. I had such a great time that I made Daniel go back last night we didn't stay as long and I didn't get drunk but I had a good buzz going and I knew it was time 2 leave when we did or I would have been in trouble. Anyway that was my weekend pretty much I need 2 get my ass 2 work!

Later from Florida!
7 Responses
  1. So glad you had a good time, it's good to cut loose once in awhile!

  2. calvin Says:

    glad you had a lovely time. As monogram queen says it's important to go a little mad every now and then - I myself am looking forward to a weekend of mild debauchery ;-)


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Shakespeare said: The path of true love never did run smooth. Also, Alls well that ends well. To thine ownself be true. A candle burnt at both ends shall not last the night but oh my foes and ah my friends it gives a lovely light. old man ed

  4. Laurie Says:

    miss you :(

  5. Panhandle Bob Says:

    Ah yes, yet another of Ryan's patented, "Gee I've been through some shit but I ain't gonna talk about it now, maybe later" posts. Whoopee.

    You know what, "Ry-ry?" You're just a little drama queen bitch. I honestly don't know why all the older guys and girls here kiss your ass so much. I click on your blog to find out about what's going on in your life and all I get is your breathless cryptic bullshit.

    Save your stories for someone who really cares, okay? Don't bother telling us about stuff that you "can't talk about." That kind of immature cock-teasing is for kids.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Ryan, I don't have any children but I want to think of you as sorta my child. I'll never stop caring about you and I know when you write a blog while you're hurting you can't talk about it. WE don't need to know every detail of your private life we just need to help you get through all the pain and come out feeling better. Hugs and smooches, dumbass ed

  7. Ryan Says:

    panhandle bob - thanx 4 enjoying how my world turns but i dont understand the hostility. but i anit got nothing but love for ya!