A quick one while he's away

Woo hoo! Just ordered a digital camera which hopefully will be here in time for HNT...

I spent most of the weekend with the manwife catching up with some former housemates from when I used to live in Sussex. We met in a real spit & sawdust type pub, that I absolutely love, and caught up on the past six or so years and chewed the fat. After a moderate period of defilement the conversation drifted to the lipstick bulldog Palin and the Republicans upstaging of team-Obama. Naturally we only get a very Europeanised coverage of events but it does seem to me that she was a real knee-jerk reaction of a nomination cynically designed to be a) cover the blue colour vote that McCain doesn't appeal to and b) regain some "liberal points" from the Democrats. I'd love it if somebody would fill me in on the actual state of affairs on the ground, what's the public perception of her nomination?

In other news, I spent a bit of time with my parents over the weekend which reminded me of an incident on a family holiday last month. My sister and I were in the kitchen of our holiday apartment and her husband was husband outside lighting a bbq in the rain (because we were in Britain). I commented that her husband was a "good guy" to which my sister immediately quipped: "Hands off!" which I thought was brilliant. :-) Every time I hear other peoples stories of how difficult their comings out were I'm always grateful that my family have been pretty fantastic about it. Bless 'em.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sarah Louise Palin is so inexperienced she can't appear on any talk shows until the powers that be have trained her how to act in public and what stock answers she has to give. The Vice-Presidents main(only) job is to be able to take over if the Presidnet can't do his job. She is like a lamb in a cage of wolves. My favorite line: She is qualified in foreign affairs, after all Russia is less than a hundred miles away from Alaska. (so does this mean if I lived next to a medical school I could do brain surgery?) I think Palin was a quick pick that they'll soon come to regret. ed

  2. I need a new camera, i'm currently using my sisters :(

  3. Laurie Says:

    I try not to think about how this
    election is going to go.

    HA! Your sister is great!


  4. jimm Says:

    Basically, the 'almighty righteous right'was gonna stay home on election day rather than vote for McCain.

    If I may offend ppl?

    To win an election, first you must win 'the stupid.' McCain jus won 'em over!

    The more I learn about Palin, and the more ppl praise her, the lower our collective USA IQ must be.

    I gotta learn to 'dumb down.'