It seems my elbows are too pornographic for public consumption...

Hiya peeps, only me again: Just a brief post to wish you all a happy HNT and to encourage you to take part in Ryan's Jason Dottley/Sordid Lives quiz in the post below. Go and do it, shoo!

Here's me attacking the unpacking at my flat:

Sadly this isn't a clothing optional activity as a lot of the boxes have bloody great big staples on them! As you can see I'm a big fan of the Mr Men (in particular Mr Impossible who has the *best* time).

I'll post a little more tomorrow but I'll leave you with these two exciting factoids about, well, me!
  • I spent years and years convinced I hated gin without ever trying any solely because of Orwell's description of "oily Victory gin" in 1984... God, I'm such a tit - gin's great!
  • The manwife and I first clapped eyes on each other in our uni's maths department where he was a cool indy PhD student and I was a long haired Hanson lookalike hippy student. We had our first impromptu "date" as a result of having to jointly run away from a woman who was stalking us at the time. We've mutually stalked each other since ;-)

Happy HNT!

6 Responses
  1. Laurie Says:

    I love the MR. books! Now forget
    unpacking and GET HALF NEKKID!!!!


  2. M Says:

    Ooooo, I used to LOVE the Mr. Men books. So cool that you've got em hanging around.

    Happy HNT! :)

  3. Unpacking is always fun. Lol.

    I like the little factoids with the post. I used to be convinced that gin was horrid too but I don't remember why I was convinced of it. :)

    Happy HNT!

  4. Mojo Says:

    Orwell frequently has that effect on people. For years I was convinced my dog was trying to kill me to take over my house!

  5. Polt Says:

    "long haired hippy student"...sounds hot. I like the beard you're just showing a peek of!


  6. Yes Gin is delicious... scotch not so much!