Interview with Jason Dottley

1. Where did you meet Del was it love at first site?
Del and I were introduced by a mutual friend (who was one of my best friends). No, not love at first sight, but once we clicked we clicked!

2. Have you always wanted to be an actor?
With the exception of about a year when I considered being a doctor. I have the most unsteady hands so that was nixed rather quickly. I don't even think I could play a doctor!

3. Do you think as a celebrity that your privacy and freedom is a fair price for fame?
Shit, I've had my privacy and freedom on clearance for months now! I think I'll have to answer this question later in life. Right now, I'm fine with the exchange.

4. If you could have anybody on Sordid Lives the series if only for one episode who would that be?
I'm assuming you mean as a guest star and that would have to be Madonna. I don't know what she would do. Maybe she could just play Madonna?

5. Besides your character on the show who is your favorite?
I really love Caroline Rhea's "Noleta" and Beth Grant's "Sissy". But really, a favorite is impossible to determine!

6. In your own words what advice would you give to a young gay actor just getting into the business?

Ok now for the contest be the first to answer this question correctly and you will win a either a copy of Sordid Lives the movie or a Sordid Lives coffee mug your choice.
The question is..............

Name Jason's two favorite holidays?

I just want to say thanks Jason for taking time to do this interview!

Don't forget that Sordid Lives the Series is on Logo tonight!

Later from Tampa Bay!
12 Responses
  1. Laurie Says:

    I wonder if Del ties Jason up like
    that some times...heehee!
    Just kidding...

    I guess the text you sent back is
    about something on the other blog.


    And you better be taking care of


  2. Anonymous Says:

    thanks for the interview and the posting! everyone tune in tonight for another installment of Sordid Lives!
    jason dottley

  3. Matt Says:

    are your two favorite Holidays Christmas and Debby Holiday

  4. Martin Says:

    Nice interview!
    I think Jason's 2 favorite holidays are Halloween his birthday! &

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Debby Holiday is definitely one of my favorite holidays but I wasn't so clever in my answer! LOL... keep guessing.... jason dottley

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Love the show!
    I guess Valentine's Day & Christmas.


  7. Anonymous Says:

    it has to his birthday and thanksgiving


  8. Ryan Says:

    good guess guys but nobodys right yet. as you see by jasons comments he's watching also for the right answer so keep guessing. also from del shores on his myspace he posted this for those that don't have myspace.

    Sordid Lives: The Series Soundtrack
    Released on iTunes Today!!!
    Hey Everybody --

    The series soundtrack is now available on iTunes. You can purchase the entire CD for 9.99 or individual tracks for .99.

    The soundtrack features six songs from Olivia Newton-John, including a new long version of the "Sordid Lives" theme song, as well as five awesome brand new ones written by Olivia and Amy Sky (c'mon you gotta own "You Look Like A Dick To Me"); three Tammy Wynette songs sung by her oh-so-talented daughter Georgette Jones; two great individual country tracks from Kacey Jones and Sean Wiggins AND one amazing dance track written and performed for the show by DJ Scotty K and the fantastic Debby Holiday (the song is her new dance single AND is featured in tonight's episode)!!!


    Del Shores

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Are they Halloween and Thanksgiving?

  10. elise Says:

    Ryan--When I clicked on your blog today and was blasted with John Denver singing "Country Roads"--I got all teary-eyed.....partly over the loss of a beautiful and personal-favorite singer/songwriter (I still can't believe he is gone),
    and then of course because of how that song relates to you and Mikey!

    Now I need a hug!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    mmmm songs like a player

  12. I've got to watch this show!!!