A Little on Me

I thought I would post tonight coz tomorrow I have a busy day and don't know if I'll have a chance. What I am doing is doctors appointments it's time for my 3 month check up's. Don't worry I am feeling well and haven't had any hospitals stays in a while thank God! But I hate going 2 doctors anyway but it's something I have 2 do. Having a weak Immune system really sucks but I have dealt with so far in my life. I also have 2 go and have my ears tested again and I think I'll be getting new hearing aids coz these ones I have either suck or my hearing is getting worse I'm not sure what but it's something. I also want 2 address something that was said last week I know I come on here do post and not give all the details going on most the time it involves other people so I can't coz I don't like giving names of people that might not want there name blog about. Some it is coz even tho I open my life up 2 the public and blog about it I still like 2 keep some private so I only blog a little about it. Those who know me personally know the rest of the story and I'm sorry I can't just spill it all I am sorry that it upsets some of you. I will let ya'll know what the doctors say and I hope I don't lose any readers or upset any f you coz I do keep some things private.

Later from Florida!

Don't forget tonight on logo sordid lives the series make sure you watch one of the best shows on TV and Jason who plays Ty is awesome I'm gonna try 2 get him on here for an interview I have talked with him next time I'm gonna ask him. Jason's Mom for the record is an awesome lady and I just loved her so! She raised Jason like my Mom did me and she has been so nice 2 me! Watch the show people it's worth it! Info coming on my doctors appointments I'm off 2 the ear doctor!

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  1. Martin Says:

    I'm constantly surprised by just how open & willing to talk about your life you are, so if you want to keep some things private, that's your right to do so.
    Hope your doctor's visits go well for you. :)

  2. Panhandle Bob Says:

    Ryan, if you have such a need to keep things private, perhaps you shouldn't have a blog. "Teasing" readers and constantly saying nothing ends up being just a waste of your subscribers' time. And there are plenty of better ways of wasting time online than by reading blogs that pretend to say something but don't...or blogs that are simply "inside jokes" for the people who know the blogger personally.

    I subscribed to you two (when you and Mikey were "you and Mikey") through Naked Boy's blog. That was back when you actually wrote interesting stuff about your lives together. But lately it's all just cryptic bullshit...this breathless "OMG, I've been going through such drama, but I can't talk about it!!!!! But those that know me know what I mean!!!!"

    Fine. If you don't want to talk about private stuff, that is your choice. Like I said at the top, maybe you could accomplish whatever it is you're trying to accomplish through personal emails to your real friends. Maybe your drama-filled life is just too jam-packed to bother with a blog. Honestly? If it wasn't for the occasional post by Calvin, I probably would have deleted this link from the "Blogs" folder in my Favorites a long time ago.

    Sad, because this used to be an interesting one to read. Not anymore. Best of luck to you and Mikey...or whomever it is you have a crush on this week.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Those who don't want to read your Blog, Ryan, don't have to do it. Nobody is twisting there proverbial arms. Don't stop Blogging or being yourself. Without you I am a lonely old man with no reason for being. Sending good vibes for a pleasant doctor vist. Big bear hugs, ed

  4. Hon you have every right to keep whatever you wish private! Wishing you the best on your doc visit and your hearing problems. One good thing about having the two tumors removed from my ear in the past year is my hearing has actually improved :)

  5. Ryan Says:

    martin - thanks!

    ed - brother you know i love ya!

    queen sister - your the best but u know that! kisses

    panhandle bob - why the hate? how old are you?

  6. elise Says:

    Sending you good vibes for the doctor visits--we want you to stay healthy!

    I agree with the other commenters who appreciate how open you have been on your blog. You have shared some extremely personal and difficult issues with us, reaching out to readers who may be going through similar stuff and think they are all alone.

    Of course you should be able to keep certain things private, especially when they involve other people who may not want their personal business shared with the entire blogworld.

    Just stay true to yourself, Ryan, and your many blog friends will continue to be by your side!

    big hugs.....

  7. Ryan Says:

    elise - love u but u already know that hope u get 2 feeling better soon!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Bravo to Panhandle Bob!

  9. Ryan Says:

    Anonymous - least panhandle bob has balls enough to put his name out there for us to see. but if i bet your a hater from the past. whatever anonymous chicken!

  10. Laurie Says:

    HEY SUGAR!!! It was good to hear
    from you at my lunch time today.
    Yeah, I take my lunch at 10:30
    my time. UGH! So, by this time
    I'm hungry.

    You better start taking better care
    of yourself or I will break my foot
    off in your ass. Understand?
    I loves you and don't want you to
    be sick.

    Also, he doesn't hate you he sees
    you as a spy to me plus, he's an
    ass. You know that.


  11. jimm Says:

    Sometimes ya don't follow thru on a post, but that's to be expected.

    So Ryan man, you use 2 hearing-aids? what brand are they? How long do your aids last before you need new ones? I usually get 5-7 years out of mine. Digitals are kool, but not the cure-all I expected.

    I suspect readers don't understand the tension hearing loss creates. How exhausting it is to constantly be on the alert for the next sound.

    I hate going for the test. Be sure to ask for a copy of the test results.

    May your batteries last forever!

  12. Ryan Says:

    laurie (my texas mom) you know how much i love ya and i am takin care of myself best i can haha! i know my little brother dont hate me its the age thing haha!

    jimm - i know i dont finish post someimes and i try just so much going on ya know and i do try 2 peotect people maybe i shouldnt post when i cant finish them. ill shoot u an email tomorrow on the aids coz i think your the only one that can feel what i do when it comes 2 hearing loss.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the kind words Ryry. I care about you and even when I'm not around I hope you'll go on being yourself. ed

  14. Panhandle Bob Says:

    Hate? Ryan, if you think my post was hate-filled, then you are seriously mislead. Is that what life is for you: Anyone who does not kiss your ass necessarily hates you? Anyone who throws some criticism your way hates you? Feh. Grow up, dude.

    How old am I? Old enough to know when I'm being jerked-off. And that's all this blog has become. Your cryptic, half-assed posts had baffled me into unsubscribing. As I said, only Calvin's rare posts keep me coming back anymore.

    If you think you're being sooooo open about your life, you're wrong. Maybe you used to be, not anymore. Now all we get is secret code: "Bzzz, bzz, bzzzzt, I can't tell you what that means."

    Hey Ryan, I've been going through some SERIOUS shit lately. But I can't talk about it now. Maybe later.

    Just thought you should know that, okay?