Pink Car

I'm not sure what I am doing posting about this but for some strange reason it's on my mind and I feel the need 2 write about it so here it goes. When I was in school the 6th grade I think maybe 7th I'm not sure now but anyway it was one of those grades. This took place in shop class I still don't get why everyone has to take shop class just like I don't understand why everyone has 2 take home economics. I was in shop class and we were gonna build this car out of some kind of metal and we had 2 bring in 2 bucks for the tires but the rest was free. I thought ok this should be easy so there was a few patterns we had 2 choose from so I pick one out and we trace the pattern and everything we needed 2 cut it out and start building are cars. Well all the other boys and a few girls rush over 2 the machine that u needed 2 cut the pattern out with the teacher also had hand cutters for some of the other stuff we had 2 cut with well I thought I would use them until the other machine was open for me 2 use.

Well back then I was a tiny kid and all my power was really in my legs I had a heck of a time with them snips but I gave it all anyway. Well the other boys was watching me like they always do and decided 2 keep me away from the machine as long as they could and even when the bell rang one of them was staying over helping the teacher in the shop class and said he would cut mine out and have it ready for me tomorrow I should have know better but I always gave people the chance. Well the next day when I got 2 that class the cut my pattern out but they cut things 2 long and some 2 short and then told the teacher that I cut it myself. He told me 2 fix it the best I could but I wasn't gonna waste his material. I was so pissed off at myself and these boys but I knew I couldn't do anything about it. There was 2 many of them and only me and I have been down that road before so I knew better.

The worse was yet 2 come I use what I could find 2 make my car look as good as I could but it still look like shit. The next day we get 2 paint them and them at the end of the week we would be graded on them. Well I showed up ready 2 paint my car and the boys of the class corner me and as soon as the teacher walked away they said I was 2 paint my car pink and yellow and if I didn't they would get me in gym class. I was so mad and upset but I knew I couldn't do anything coz if I told the teacher I would get it later. I felt if I said something when I got home Dad would be upset with me and if I didn't do it I knew these boys would strip me in gym class again or worse. So I did the only thing I could and that was paint the car pink and yellow. At the end of the week the teacher graded my car he gave me and F said I didn't even try and I was being smart by painting it pink. All I can do now is laugh about it. Funny thing is I still have this car I kept it just 2 remind no matter what they did they didn't break me came close but didn't break me.

Anyway have a good weekend!
Later from Florida!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I was the smallest boy in my class and so I got picked on a lot. I couldn't go to the restroom without getting hit in the balls. They would knock my books out of my hands as I passed and stand around me and laugh as I scurried to gather my stuff. When I got in High school I had hoped they would be more adult but some of it was worse. This was a long time ago so lunch in the Cafeteria was 50 cents. One bully would make me pay him 50 cents everyday or he would punch me in the stomach. I didn't have any money accept the 50 cents my mom gave me each day for lunch so I went hungry. I wore clothes that the neighbor boys had out grown. On the bus each morning they would hit me and tear my clothes because I was wearing their favorite shirt and their mom shouldn't have given it away. I tried to stay in the background so as not to do anything to make the bullies notice me. One guy sat beside me in History class and made me whisper to him the answers when the teacher asked a question. If I didn't he stuck me with a pin on the end of his pencil eraser. I hated school and I think it scarred me for life. ed

  2. jimm Says:

    Ryan, promise us you will attend your high school's 10 or 20 year class reunion? I'd die to hear what those bullies thought of their behavior.

    I went thru the tormenting myself. A group of kids were cussing my name while walking behind me.

    Being that I am hard-of-hearing, I couldnt quite hear them, so they would curse me louder and louder until I knew what they were saying.

    Next day, I ended up fighting the entire gang one-on-one.

    Sad thing is, I thought these kids were my friends.

    Guess all I'm saying is, I have an inkling what you been thru. Its ok to reflect, jus dont dwell on it.

    Ryan, I hope these little recollections help someone else get up off the ground and back on their feet.

  3. Laurie Says:

    I was the only girl in my shop
    class and none of the guys picked
    on me because my best friend Tom
    (who died in 1990 :( ) was there
    and if they said anything to me
    he'd punch them out.

    You know I love you Baby Boy. No
    matter what! I'm sorry. I just
    not me today. I've been sick and
    I think it's because of stress.


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Ryan...funny what things stay in our minds from the past...yeah I was picked on in my early school days...and yes I too can laugh about it now


  5. Good reminder, I hate bullies and bullying comes in many forms :( Sad.

  6. Martin Says:

    Wow, after hearing those stories, I realize how lucky I was in school. I was the quiet,skinny,brainy kid who occasionally, some bully would try to pick on. But I always seem to have a "bodyguard" or two who would come to my defense and threaten the bully with a beating, if he didn't leave me alone.
    I never really understood(and still don't) why the other guys came to my defense, but I certainly appreciated it.
    In the one shop class I had to take, wood/metal, we had a very tough ex-navy man who wouldn't tolerate any kind of nonsense in his class, so nobody dared tried to mess around. In fact, in making a wooden lamp, I was not too skilled with tools and was having trouble completing it on time. But a couple of guys helped finish it up for me. Again, my "protectors" came through for me. And they were kinda cute, too (hehe.)
    By the time I got to high school, I was pretty much a loner who nobody even noticed.
    And Ryan, don't feel too bad about the pink car. My oldest brother actually owned an old 1950's-era car that was pink & black! and it was pretty cool! :)