Tryin to Finish

Lets see try 2 finish a post without leavin things 2 guess. How about I just finish with one I left hangin last week. My doctor visits first off my immune system is weak right now they say very weak. I've been takin my meds but I guess some of my other actives are not makin the meds work right. They want me to stay home rest and let my immune system catch up with me but that's so damn hard! The hearing that doctor says its getting worse and I knew that i was told when I was little the older I get the worse it would get but also he told me some of my actives are not helping either well damn! The aids I have know kinda look like this but the if I keep losing my hearing u know whats next ugh! Guess that's it for today I need 2 get ready for work and I have one mother of a hang over! Ok now the bossy faghags can jump my ass now!Oh Bob you have a blog? Why are you scared to share that with us? Scared we will trash it out come on Bob we wouldn't if it's good it's good we would let you know. So come on and place nice and share I'm sure you were taught how 2 share right?

Tomorrow I have that interview with Jason Dottley (Ty from Sordid Lives) it's pretty good I think and also he's help with my trivia question and somebody will win a copy of Sordid Lives the Movie or a Sordid Lives coffee mug so tune in for that!

Later from Tampa Bay!
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  1. elise Says:

    So just how many of us "bossy faghags" do you have, Ryan? It's kind of exciting to be part of such an elite group! :-)

    Ok--here goes--you'd better do exactly as the doc says, or we're gonna REALLY start bitchin'!!!

    Still proud to send you hugs....

  2. Panhandle Bob Says:

    See what I mean? Elise kind of proved my point there.

    Yeah, I do have a blog. It's more or less about the technical aspects of my field (aviation). It's not homo-centric and would be of little interest to anyone who reads this one. Even my friends here in this town who are not in aviation don't read it because it's...well...I think the word they use is "boring." Which I guess it is.

    Ryan, I feel badly for you...your hearing problem. That's gotta be rough, and I can't even imagine what it must be like. Thanks for sharing that. I wondered what that "doctor's appointment" code was all about.

    "Mikey and Ryan" is a great love story - one that we've all been following for a long time. I'm sure I speak for all of us (even the bossy faghags) when I say I really hope you guys can make it work. We're rooting for you two.

    Take care.

  3. Laurie Says:


    BOY! My name is MOM! Don't you
    forget that either....I will spank
    you..You're not to old for it
    either....Geez, push a watermelon
    through a hole the size of a
    quarter...and you're bossy...I
    sware you and Josh are just alike.

    Yeah, I am bossy.....:) But only
    cause I can't be there to make
    sure you take care of yourself
    the proper way.....

    If I didn't love you I wouldn't
    say anything and you know that.

    You mean the world to me!


    Take care of yourself or else!!!
    You got that BOY!!!

  4. A Lewis Says:

    Man, I hate to hear the bad news of friends. Keep your chin up.

  5. jimm Says:

    So Ryan, if ur hearing is worse, you will need the stronger behind-the-ear (bte's) hearing-aids? And if you lose all of your hearing you will become eligible for a CI?

    when i was a teen, they told me i would lose all of my hearing, but it didnt happen. Most of us dont know the reason why we are hearing-impaired, so it is difficult to predict how much hearing will be lost.

    And actually, the stress of trying to listen all-day-long is off the charts; the greater challenge, i think.

    And your meds? Are they ototoxic?

    And me, sorry if i am prying too much. Hang loose!

  6. Yes the Head Bossy Faghag is here! REST and do whatever the docs and your Mom tells you!

    Have you looked into cochlear implants?

  7. Chuck Says:

    "It's not homo-centric and would be of little interest to anyone who reads this one."

    So faggots don't like airplanes? Or doing / reading about technical things? Your blog is clearly of interest to you, and you clearly read this blog, so I propose that was at the very least a poorly-worded assertion on your part.

    Y numero dos, regarding CIs, they destroy residual hearing, so until such time as the physical amplification of sound stops being effective for hearing loss, it's probably not a wise idea to bank too much on the electrical CI approach.

    I hope you're doing OK, Ryan, despite the disappointing medical news. Take care, buddy.