10 Years Ago

10 Years ago worse thing that could happen to a gay man happen to Matthew Shepard. I can't even put thoughts in my head what Matt was thinking that night while he was laying up there dying. I think the month of October should be Matthew Shepard month. There are many events plan across America you should attend one if you can't you should give something to Judy Matt's Mom for all the good she does for the gay community and trying to get people to understand. I will have another post about Matt later this month I just don't want people to forget I want to believe Matt died knowing his death would change many people and I think it has some but we need to change more.

Also soon I'll a post on all the poltics going on but for now I will throw out there who I am backing coz I know some of you have ask.

Last thing I thought about before but forgot but today Cheeky put the thought back into my mind I was thinking about sending out Christmas cards to my readers maybe even get some back who knows but as a thank you type thing for being a fan of this blog for years and for being a friend when I need one. If you think you would want a Christmas card email me at ryryt87@yahoo.com with your address so I can put ya on the list you 2 Bob don't be scared I would like to send ya one. That's it for today folks make sure you click on the links and do what you can.

Later from Tampa Bay!
5 Responses
  1. calvin Says:

    I second the significance of this: Matthew Shepard's death opened up the eyes of the world to this issue and had a profound effect on me.

    There are handful of really significant moments defining recent gay history and the senseless murder of Matthew Shepard is definitely up there. Thanks to the tireless efforts of his mother people have been forced to rethink their perception of gays and what it means to be a victim of hate-crime. The play The Laramie Project has also been important as a stimulus for debate as it tours schools/colleges.

    The univeristy where he attended now holds diversity symposiums where the arguments can be made, rarified and hopefully go towards greater public awareness and tolerence. They've also recently errected a memorial bench in his honour (in addition to the aforementioned conference sessions).

    Hopefully his legacy is a better future for the rest of us. It's such a shame he didn't get to enjoy it.


  2. Ryan Says:

    well said calvin maybe later this month you also could do a post on matthew and how things are over there. thanx 4 being my friend!

  3. Laurie Says:

    I can't do anything but cry when
    I think about what Matthew went
    through....Well, heaven got another

    I don't want a card for Christmas:(
    I want you to be here to visit...


  4. Ryan you are right - I do love this. I would be happy if we even had a Matthew Shephard Day (well, to me Oct 12th is). I was thinking of him yesterday believe it or not. Coincidence or... great minds think alike!
    What a beautiful soul gone much too soon. My heart aches for his family and loved ones and for him. He did not deserve what happened to him - no one does.
    You know I want a Chrissy Card!!!!

  5. A Lewis Says:

    And what a ten years it's been. I like to think that Matthew's death has lent a huge amount of propulsion to the gay/lesbian journey. As horrible as it was, I honor his going before us.