Politics, Religion and The Rays

Happy October Ya'll we have one more month of this election crap. I'm sure most of ya'll are tired of the ads and all the other shit that goes along with it. Saying that I also say I have picked the person I will be voting for now I have 2 be honest I wanted Hillary but it wasn't meant 2 be. So I am backing Barack Obama and Joe Biden again being honest I like Joe Biden better than Obama don't know why just do. As you will see on this blog and on my myspace page I will be doing little things to support them ads and such. Make sure you vote its important pick with your heart and vote. There is some things that McCain stands for that I don't but in all honesty I am not gonna bash him but I will say all he is another Bush just older. Now onto Palin I am gonna bash her as much as I can I don't like her don't like what she stands for I just don't like anything about her. Watch these videos about her and then think about this if McCain wins he's old will he make it 4 more years and if he don't she will be running things just think about it ok.

On another note I am surprised at the emails I got for Christmas cards I think this is gonna be a cool idea. If you haven't yet send me your address so I can get you on the list. (That means you 2 Ed) I had another idea in December any Christmas cards I get from any of you I will make a post about them and take a pic of them and put them in the post I think that's cool don't you? Now send me your address so I can get you on the list dammit haha! ryryt87@yahoo.com

Don't forget Biden and Palin debate tonight for what it's worth and I hope Joe rips her up and spits her out!
Later from Tampa Bay oh yeah go Rays!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I don't have anything against Sarah Pain but I don't want her to force her religious beliefs on the rest of us.
    I want to make this clear: Obama and Biden are totally against abortions but don't think it is the governments right to look inside a woman's Uterus and decide what is going on in there. That is and should always be the decision of the woman her doctor and her minister.
    Sarah Pain made the women who were raped in her town pay for their own rape kits at the hospital because it included a morning after pill to make sure the woman wasn't impregnated by the demon asshole who raped her. Sarah's belief is that the woman should be forced to have the child of her rapist. Shame on you Sarah! A christian? I wonder. ed

  2. Yeah I wanted it to be Hillary too but what can you do? I voted when it counted for her and she didn't make it. You know I want a card!