It's the Great Pumpkin

I had a very quiet weekend I had plans to do stuff but back out at the last second just didn't feel like doing anything. I did work Saturday Morning I had 2 clients that I had no where else 2 put them so them agree 2 Saturday morning that worked out for all of us. I don't know just feel like doing anything after getting that phone call from Mikey nothing wrong with the call just put me into a thinkin mood I guess. I did do a little shopping on Sunday only for things I needed kinda funny come form me huh? Yes I like many Americans am watching my pennies so shopping is less and less everything and it's like one of my favorite things 2 do beside sex haha. I did spend a little on something I guess I didn't need but wanted so I got it anyway. How many of your remember "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown"? Well I seen it there in the store and just had 2 get it admit you watch it every year when it comes on TV!
Oh I did get an email asking how come I post different things and different times on here and myspace page well part of that questions I get the other part not sure I post different times coz I am a morning person and some of my clients like getting started early so I can get 1 or 2 of them in and them a little breath spot so I post on here and sometime in the afternoon I will post on myspace but I don't do that everyday but I think the post are kinda the same don't you? Heck I even copy and post from here on there or there and put it here but I think the post follow down the same road least I think they do. With hat question that gave me an idea I did this on myspace once so let me try it here I will open myself up 2 all of you and let you ask one question good or bad and I will answer it you have one chance so make sure the question is something you wanted 2 know that I haven't talk about before. I will make it easy if you don't want everyone else to know the question email it to me

Later from Florida!
9 Responses
  1. Laurie Says:

    Ain't nothing wrong with taking
    time off....Heck, I haven't been
    able to drive for the past few
    days and that ain't by choice or
    because of the fuel prices....

  2. Carl Says:


    Are you sure you want to open this up to me again?


  3. Ryan Says:

    its for you carl haha! u know i love ya silly man.

    laurie we know your a little dizzy haha but i love ya also mom!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I love watching the Great Pumpkin every year. One of these days he is going to rise up out of the most sincere patch around and bring presents to all the boys and girls. If he comes this year, YIKES I said if I mean when he comes this year you'll see he is real. ed

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Only question I have is why do you misspell so many words and also why don't you use spell check for your posts? Tom

  6. Ryan Says:

    well tom good question i guess um wasnt good in school to be honest with ya thats a post by itself. i was just happy to get thru it and have all my teeth military schools always a blast! as far as spell check i don't know why i dont use it. sorry if my writings get to ya.

  7. Landyn Says:

    hey man thanks for the comment :) ive been reading a bunch of ur posts haha I like em! Dont let what others say get to u....i did once and it almost cost me my life.

    Ill stay updated on your posts! :)


    p.s. dont worry about how u spell, write or anything haha its ur blog, write it how u want. :P

  8. I've got the Peanuts boxed set, Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and CB Christmas. Love em! Never fail to make me smile. Hope they made you smile too!

  9. Martin Says:

    You have to admire Linus...he never gives up hope that the Great Pumpkin will appear. :)

    I think your style of writing (misspellings & all) give the blog its own unique "flavor". No need to change it!