Ramble on

As I type the manwife is struggling with the wonders of rail replacement bus services to get back to his place and I'm supposed to be knocking up some model solutions. But I'm not. Nope. I'm taking an undeserved break to tell you about my weekend: On Friday my former office mate from Ireland dropped by (he'd been workshopping in London) and we went for a few of the not-Guinness'. After a few of the foaming ales all the cares and stresses of our respective weeks drained away like an emptying slops tray. A few beverages and we'd worked ourselves up into a paroxysm of rage at a) the return of Peter Mandelson to the cabinet and b) the medias coverage of this and the credit crunch. No doubt convinced ourselves that we had the perfect solution to the global fiscal troubles (if only we'd written it down). There's every chance we may have resolved his relationship woes as well but I really can't remember. Thankfully the manwife arrived and escorted us to a restaurant where we not only dined but extracted a carry out keg of beer (microbrewery) to attack back at the flat. By this time the river-sharks who live in my carpet held no fear for us and we negotiated the stroll home and collapsed in various heaps on sofas and proceeded to turn our attentions to the aforementioned carry out. Finally in the bleary small hours of Saturday morning we ran out of rubbish to say to each other and went to bed - however, I can confidently state that at no stage was anyone really drunk because the following line wasn't uttered: "Hitler, right, and Churchill and Hitler well he was...a vegetarian and that's all I'm sayin' on the subject" which is the official litmus paper test of drunkenness (despite the fact that's not true).

The remainder of the weekend was spent (after waving off our guest) catching up on our Gay Couple 101 coursework - i.e., buying matching dressing gowns, slippers and amusing ourselves by lounging around in these identical outfits saving the world from some Lovecraftian nightmare horrors. Oh, and there may have been some sodomy... Right back to those model solutions.

5 Responses
  1. Laurie Says:

    Better you drinking that much than
    me....I did however have 2 glasses
    of wine last night....I also had
    a couple of glasses of wine last
    week... :)

    Matching robes....Man, you are gay
    HA! Had to say that...You know I
    have love for ya....

    Glad all is well on that side of
    the pond....Have a great week!


  2. I just always smile at the term "manwife"! Love it!

  3. Tim Says:

    Oh what is that board game! I must haves it! I love me some Lovecraft

  4. calvin Says:

    Tim: It's called Arkham Horror and is published by Fantasy Flight Games. Just the thing for a fan of Lovecraft!

  5. Polt Says:

    I've played that game before. I was a preacher character. A weird game, but I enjoyed it, even though we didn't win. :(