Sorry haven't been blogging or doing anything much with myspace either honest I just haven't felt like it. I'm not a 100% yet and even if I was right now I would have 2 say I don't feel like either one of them now. Hope ya understand what I'm trying 2 say. I don't know I just feel somewhat depressed I think part of it is from being sick and the other part was looking for something that didn't happen and I guess that's my fault for wearing my heart and feelings on the outside of my body I am still learning as I go. Anyway I'm gonna take a few days off from here and rest get myself feeling well and put away my feelings so they are much harder to hurt. Have a fun and safe Halloween I ask you trick or treat?

Later from Tampa!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Take care of yourself Ryry. You are far more important than me. If I could I'd take your place. Happy Halloween my brother. ed

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hope your low feelings pass soon.
    I'm greedy - I'll take both tricks and treats for Halloween. :)

  3. Carl Says:


  4. Laurie Says:

    Hey Baby Boy...It was great talking
    to you this afternoon :) You know
    how to make me smile :)
    Now, I'm on the side of your mom
    and you know that....If we didn't
    care we wouldn't say anything to
    you...I worry SO much about you...
    You know that and you also know
    that you need to QUIT SMOKING!!
    Yes, I said it AGAIN...Don't go
    plugging your ears. I can type
    ALL CAPS IF I HAVE TO! It's hard
    to I know...Just please :( try
    harder for the sake of your health.
    Hearing that cough makes me sad :(
    Please Sweetie...Take care of you.
    Cause there is only one of you and
    I'm not ready to let you go....I
    want you around for a long time :)

    HUGGIE SNUGGLE!!!!!!!!

    ps..I have to color Josh's hair
    back! He and the others got into
    trouble with it at school! Can you
    beleive it! I'll blog about it..

  5. Tim Says:

    aww, all of us that have worn our hearts on our sleeves go through a time when it's too hard to care again. You need to take the time and find something to be proud of. like your rehab work, your really amazing at it you know.
    Next time you throw yourself at someone make sure they respect that part of your life and you because of it. It's all about finding the right way to value your own love and learning to not be hurt by people that don't.

    Best of luck in finding some holiday cheer.