Find Out Who Your Friends Are

Well I'm home from my stay at the hospital seems like things were going way 2 good 4 me not for something 2 fuck it up. I cant bitch tho its been a while since my last visit. Least this time it wasn't as long but whatever I'm sick of it all anyway. I'm cutting back some on my outings this time of year is always bad for me with the cold and flu going around I catch it so easy. So less at the clubs and more at staying home that's gonna suck but I will learn to adjust. Being sick this time I did find a lot out I found out who my friends are and who was just hanging on for free drinks or a place 2 crash also found a lot about my online friends most of you are wonderful but there are a few that I just figure out what you want from me so I'm not gonna try 2 figure it out. I'm gonna change a lot about how I approach things and people from now on. I will let people in my life from now on if I can trust them and I feel I can trust them now this don't go out to my true friends you know who you are and we talk or email or text weekly. Yeah I got my feelings hurt and I'm not a shamed to say that but I'm not gonna so who or what I think the persons that had something to do with it will figure it out.

I feel I have to address the Jerry Lewis comment over the weekend. I like Jerry and even tho he was like way way way before my time I have seen some of his movies and the comedy he had with Dean Martin was just way funny. Anyway for those that didn't here this is what he said Jerry Lewis has caused outrage by suggesting cricket is a "fag game" during a trip to Australia. Now this is not his first time for using a slur with the word fag in a hurtful way. I am not sure if its old age or does he really hate gays? I would like to think its his age and him being old school and the word fag is not coming out of his mouth in hatred least I want to believe this. I say old school coz what he thinks about women being comedians. Now Jerry every year with cost to you or the mda I promote your telethon but you keep this up and I will put you on you don't matter to me list. I know I am just pee on compare to him but hell makes me feel better. Jerry if it's hatred stop it!

Later from a chilly Florida!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Jerry Lewis is old school but it doesn't give him the right to put down Gays. I think he was a shy young man and now a bitter old man and it makes him feel superior to put others down. Pity, he was a great comedy man but perhaps he should resign as the MDA spokesman?
    I'm so glad you're okay Ryry, take care of yourself. You are not really my brother but I love you like one anyway. Hugs. ed

  2. elise Says:

    Welcome home, Ryan! I'm very glad to hear you're gonna try and be more careful during this year's cold and flu season. What happened after the race last February is NOT something you want to repeat!!

    Happy Halloween--hope you get some "sweet treats"!!

    big, warm hugs....

  3. Martin Says:

    Glad you're home and feeling better. We may have to put you in a big plastic bubble to protect you from those evil flu germs! :)

    I used to like Jerry Lewis' old movies when I was a kid, but now they seem a little silly...guess I'm becoming a grumpy old man. hehe


  4. Laurie Says:

    Baby Boy :) You make me smile :D

    I love you so much!!!! I'll ALWAYS
    be on you to take better care of
    yourself...You know where I am and
    you know how to reach me :) I'm
    always there....

    HUGGIE SNUGGLE!!!!!!!!!!

    ps..It's probably good that you
    won't be here this weekend..
    Josh is going to San Antonio on
    Saturday morning (4 am) and won't
    be back till Sunday (4-5 am) and
    then leaves to go BACK there on
    I think Monday....UGH!!!!!!!

  5. Tim Says:

    Glad your home, hope the recent chill isn't getting to you.

  6. Cheeky Says:

    You were in the hospital??!! I didn't know this........I hope you are feeling better soon.