Being gay isn't the easiest thing trust me ask any gay person and they all have there only story 2 tell. Yes I have a family that supports me and some great friends also but it only takes one person 2 make u feel like shit or like your no count. Listen I am sick and tired of being told I am no count when all my life I have been picked on kicked at spit on and even beat up and not only coz I was gay but because I had hearing aids or I wore glasses and then later being called fagot or queer even before I came out and being told your no count fag! Well I put up with and I took the beatings coz I knew it would get better and it did somewhat. I started this blog 2 find some good people and I have but I also found more hate why is that am I hurting anyone? Am I trying to push my life style on anyone? I don't understand why people can't just leave me alone if they don't like what I write or what I stand for then just close the page and move on why do you feel you have 2 write me and tell me I am going to hell or even worse tell me I'm no count. Thanks for making me feel so good about myself what do you want me 2 do shut this blog down delete my myspace page? Will that make you happy? Normally I just let it fly over me the hate you send me but well this time you won you got 2 me. You won.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Don't let them win Ryry or I'll come down there and kick you into next week.
    These people DO NOT speak for God. Jesus said that all judgement is left to him and no person has the right to judge anyone else. He also said that some folks would be very surprised who got to go to heaven while they themselves will be left out. I think that is the people who hate that will be left outside the golden gates while wonderful caring souls like you will be welcomed with open arms. ed

  2. Laurie Says:

    hmmmm, what would make me happy...
    OF YOURSELF! Yeah, you can do that
    for me boy...You got it....That's
    right....I'm gonna be a bossy fag
    hag mom....

    I never want you to change...You're
    a better person because of all the
    things you have gone through...
    Just remember that....


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Don't let the ignorant and stupid people of the world get to you. It says more about them than it does you. When I get hate mail or nasty comments I do two things: I delete them unread or I post it and ridicule them.
    Don't take them seriously because you are only giving them power to continue that type of behavior.

  4. elise Says:

    Don't you dare quit anything, Ryan! The assholes and bigots and hatemongers aren't worth speaking about, anymore.

    This blog is important, to give you an outlet to speak your mind and thoughts, and for us blog friends to join in the discussion.

    And--it's important because you have a collection of gay and straight folks here who want to talk about gay issues, and educate each other, and share stuff--and that is really cool!!!!

    So when you get nasty comments--just delete them and move on.Those people are never gonna change, and probably get off on seeing you get riled.

    Don't give them any power, or a voice.

    Please don't think I believe that the hatred will go away if we just ignore it. I know that it's real, and can be dangerous and deadly. And it's very important to talk about safety, and prevention & punishment of hate crimes.

    I'm just trying to remind you, Ryan, that there is also a lot of beauty, and fun, and love in the world, and it's reaching out to you!!

    Sorry for the long ramble here--

    sending big hugs to all,

  5. JC Says:

    dont be a jew,and there spent hell wrong, i there put heell, unless there being expresive it is still wrong, heell is used at start for experson reason, not for a word. nice house, and very nice background, where is that

  6. jimm Says:

    Ryan, the story in the following link was written for hard-of-hearing, but I think you could change a few words and it could represent all ppl who are somehow 'different'. Please read:

  7. Devil's Advocate Says:

    Ryan...Suck it up and quit whining. I like you and your blog, but this is a recurring message you've wrote over and over from time to time. I agree with the previous comment, delete them or ridicule them. Don't take ignorant comments personally. This is my tough love for you. It's beginning to sound like you write these posts from time to time to get people to write back how great you are. You have so many people who care about you so just ignore the ignorant comments and stop complaining. You can be stronger then you are currently acting...I have faith in you.

    Take Care.

  8. Ridiculous..... what a cowardly way to spew your venom. Don't let them get to you sweetheart, pick yourself up, dust yourself off - it's a brand new day!