Getting Ready

I'm feeling a little better getting ready for my Doc appointment just wanted 2 pop in I had a good weekend a little crazy and a car wreck omg I know but nobody was hurt but the cars I'll post later about that. Just remember tomorrow we vote get out there and do it coz if you don't you can't bitch about poltics! Remember your vote and my vote all counts or least we hope it does. Ok I'll post later about the big wreck.

Later from Florida!
7 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    In my state we can vote early so I voted on October 18th. OMG I'm so glad you or any body else wasn't hurt in the wreck. Here's sending good vibes for a good dctor's appointment. Hugs, ed

  2. naturgesetz Says:

    Here's hoping there is good news at the doctor's.

  3. calvin Says:

    Yikes - so glad that nobody got hurt!

    And, to reiterate your point - Everyone: Vote! Vote because it's your right and responsibility to do so! Vote because you have an equal stake in your country's future - doubly important because of Prop.8!

  4. Laurie Says:

    I've already voted! YEE HAW!!!

    K Baby Boy....You wonder WHY I
    worry about you.....Hmmmm, let me
    think of some REASONS!


  5. YES! Please vote everyone!

  6. A Lewis Says:

    A car wreck? Please....knock it off! And, by the way, I've 'been ready' for 8 long years.

  7. Angel Says:

    Hey Ryan, I hope your feeling better. Sorry I havent commented or posted anything in alittle over a year. I have been slammed with things going on in my life that time has just not been my friend. I lost my fiance late 06. I know I should be over him but I am not, even still today but I am feeling stronger every day, almost like he's here watching over me. I hope you and mikey and this new fella I don't know yet *calvin* are doing great. I hope you get better soon chickadee.

    Your Friend Always,