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Ok today's post real easy your thoughts on yesterday election be honest lets talk about it.

Later from Tampa!
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  1. A Lewis Says:

    I'm in love with the day that an African American became President. In the face of discrimination, I spit! Huge, giant globs of yummy man spit...right into the face of those who hate.

  2. Carl Says:

    I am happy with the election results but it is too soon to tell. I am waiting until after Jan 20, 2009 to see what happens.

    I hope it can't get any worse.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It was a great day for African-Americans. If only we could elect a Gay president, then our maturity would be complete as human beings. ed

  4. sillyboi Says:

    Ed, actually we have elected a gay preseident, may not been open about it but we have elected a gay president. James Buchanan from PA. He was never married and said he had a partney and when his partner left he tried to woo other men and he wasnt able to. I was doing some research about that just the other day.

    As far as the election yesterday itself, I am pleased to least say Indiana, my home state went blue for a change. Georgia well not so good but it least was somewhat close. least the county I live in went blue. So I can least be happy about something. I am greatly pleased we elected an african american to be president. My grandma said something to me today and she is a republican who voted for Obama, and she said that she thinks that Obama is like a African American Kennedy. My grandpa said the same thing. Least I can feel better going back to a blue state for the holidays.

  5. I am very happy to say I voted for Obama/Biden! Also as you know I live in a red state and i'm loving seeing the heads collectively explode around here... hehe....

  6. Anonymous Says:

    all u gays got what u wanted a black president so hope your happy. he said what he needed to say to get elected now wait and see how long it takes for him to renig (spelled wrong on purpose) on promises he made. no tax cuts,bringing troops home the whole list of crap he promised. also wait and see how he reacts when were hit by terrorism in the near future. sit and talk to the fuckers no doubt.

  7. Ryan Says:

    Anonymous - don't mind your comment all comments are welcome good or bad but least leave a first name so we can address you.

    Lewis - love u big daddy!

    Carl - I agree

    Ed - True but Tim has a great point also James Buchanan check him out in your free time.

    Tim - Just never know about Georgia sometimes it makes me sad.

    Patti - You go Sis!

  8. calvin Says:

    In my 0900 lecture this morning I showed them the BBC news front page featuring Obama's win and it was met with pretty much universal approval.

    Clearly voting in a black man to the White House is hugely politically & culturally significant.

    He's not the great panacea his media image has become but I sincerely believe he's the right man for the job in terms of policy. But only time will tell.

    In McCain's defense, he was incredibly statesmen-like in his speach. He demonstrated a will far greater for good than the jeering mob in front of him (although mob-mentality obviously applies here).

    So: How's the Prop.8 vote coming along?

  9. Ryan Says:

    Calvin - It was a bad day for gays in America yesterday we lost all rights that we had in California, Florida, Arizona and Arkansas I will be posting about tomorrow or Friday I still have the details from my wreck I have to work in sometime.

  10. Laurie Says:

    I voted and that's all I'm gonna
    say...No, I didn't vote for McPain.
    But Yes, I did vote for someone
    that was running....


    ps...Eric says HEY!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I of course was talking about an openly Gay president. A closet case doesn't help our cause. They can't vote for GAy rights because in most religious circles it is an abomination. What happened to seperation of church and state? ed

  12. jimm Says:

    man i am jus exhausted from staying up late watching history made last nite!

    Its not jus the economy that sunk mccain. No. Its the crummy 6 to 9 dollars per hour jobs weve been left with after all the downsizing. who can make a decent living off that!?

    Its not jus a great day for african-americans, its a terrific day for all of us! Asides, he is half white ya know. That makes him African-Caucasian-American! sorry ryan, i jus had to get that in, hehe.

    Btw, the Kennedys WERE behind the scene, encouraging Obama to run. RFK's wife whispered to Obama during Coretta King's funeral something to the effect, 'the torch has been passed to you.'


  13. Cheeky Says:

    I am enjoying reading all these comments.....

  14. Angel Says:

    happy and sad. with anti-gay propositions/amendments being passed in about 3 states, it sucks big monkey balls. Especially in California where gay marriage became legal. Hopefully we can fight this and turn the tide because I refuse to jump 3 steps back after all I have fought for as a civilian and a protestor.

    Onto Obama, I was really happy that he became president-elect. Biden... not so much. In actual I rooted for Hilary and Obama. I really believe Obama should have picked hilary for vice pres but he didn't.

    Heres something else, most of the votes were from young americans. It was the biggest turnout in the history of elections which is really cool. Lets just hope that the future brings promise and not more grief.