Product Of My Raising

Last night when Kadin got off work he came over and spent the night as a matter of fact he still in there sleeping. Something happen last night come on get your head out of the gutter not that well that happen 2 of course haha. But we were cuddle up on the sofa watching the country music awards and Kadin said this is how I picture you from the first time I seen you. I said what do you mean? He said when he heard me talk he just knew I was country. Ok excuse so I am confused on what he means Is it good or bad? So I had 2 get deeper into this with him and ask what does country mean? He said your a country boy u got that draw your into nascar, camping the woods country music stuff like that he said. He said it wasn't a bad thing coz he always dream of having a country boy. I am still confused am I a product of my raising if that's the case my Dad is British my Mom from Florida so that makes me a Southern English Country Redneck? I do take my Christmas down after the New Year. I don't get it Kadin I'm sorry I think it's a good thing though.

Later From Trailer in Florida!
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  1. Carl Says:


    Don't look into the situation as a negative. I really don't think he means it to be that way. So, he sees some of the stereotypes in you that are associated with a "country boy/redneck". Be proud of who you are and talk with him and educate him that the way you talk and the things you like do not define who you are.

    You have a lot of other characteristics that don't make you a "country boy/redneck."

    Be proud of who you are and take what he said as a compliment. I personally like the southern draw/southern english. LOL

  2. Chicka Says:

    There's a HUGE difference between "country boy" and "redneck." If he didn't like you, he wouldn't be there! Now stop all that negativeness and enjoy your time together! (Don't make me come down there and put a whooppin' on you, boy!)

  3. jimm Says:

    I'd write off that conversation to inexperience.

    you're a product of where you were raised. it's not jus from your parents raising you, it's your community. where did you pick up the drawl?

    Ya know, NewYork has rednecks, too. Ya don't have to be from the south to be called a redneck.

  4. Laurie Says:

    Yes Honey...You are a product of
    your raising....I'm proud of who
    you are....I really hope you know
    that...I miss you so much...


    ps.I hope you really are happy....

  5. elise Says:

    I think it's sweet that he is happy to finally have his "country boy!"

    You know that southern drawl can be very seductive....well, yes, I guess you do know that! ;-)

    And where is he from?

  6. I think you can be "country" no matter where your parents are from. I was born and partially raised in Pennsylvania but I am definitely a Southern Belle/Bitch through and through LOL
    Kadin sounds adorable!

  7. Also meant to say I LOVE Darius!
    I bet alot of "foreigners" are surprised to see an American Black Man sing country!

  8. Angel Says:

    Personally, I don't think its anything negative just the wrong choice of words especially watching the CMA's lol. I think what he meant to say was that your a southern boy who's outdoorsy and he likes that. I personally don't like calling someone a redneck since my version of a redneck is very different from a southern boy. You are sooo not a country boy/redneck in any way shape or form. The first time I saw you I wasn't sure if you were Spanish or Italian lol. Plus Ryan, if he did not like you for who you were then he wouldn't bother at all. I don't think your a product of being raised cuz hell, im not and I am from New York. I just think its the community and where your raised. Be proud of who you are and where your from because baby, your a southern boi and to alot of people, thats sexy.