3 in a row & 1st time

I know how much some of u hate this but this is only a quick update first off let me say congrats 2 Jimmie Johnson for his 3rd championship in a row! That has only been done once before in nascar history now a days that is never heard and Jimmie did so congrats 2 him and his crew! I took Kadin down 2 Homestead 4 the race it was his first and he said he loved it I told him anit seen anythnig yet wait until the Daytona 500 in February now that's a race hope were still together then I want 2 be but I know he will love it. Anyway we got back late last night and I am running late for work so more 2 come about this pass weekend soon.

Later from Florida!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Congrats to Jimmie Johnson on the 3rd win in a row!
    Glad to hear you'all had a good time at Homestead. I guess they've built it all back since I remember it being destroyed by a Hurricane.
    Good luck on the new partnership I hope it lasts cause you deserve a break. hugs ed

  2. Laurie Says:

    SO, using the old 'getting back
    late' excuse :) Have to give
    you a hard time.....

    I didn't see Eric this morning...
    In fact, I didn't see him at lunch


  3. Angel Says:

    Ive never been to a race car game (yes thats what I call them lol) but ive seen it a couple of times on tv, kinda looks like something I had when I was a little kid (cars running around a track) just real. Take your time with posting Ryan, you should always give posting time instead of rushing into it.

    Love n Peace,

  4. No comment.. no comment ... no comment.
    I'll just say Go Reid in 2009 and Tony Stewart too (can I squeak a tiny Go Jr in there as well?)