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Ed, Tim, Carl, Redd, Elise, Chris thanks so much for the cards! I just think somewhere in life we lost the old fashion way of giving Christmas cards and I am ok with times changing things but this is one thing I think we should keep. I personally believe when a person gets a card it makes them feel good inside I know it does me. Anyhoo many thanks for the cards I got so far!

Kisses from Florida!
6 Responses
  1. I love Christmas Cards and have always sent them and will continue to do so as long as the USPS delivers!
    I loved yours and you have one enroute from me! Big Holiday Hugs!

  2. Carl Says:

    I agree with you Ryan, I love getting Christmas cards.

  3. I so agree wiyh tou Ryan....It ALWAYS makes me feel good to get Christmas Cards...! It is one of the sweetest parts of the Holiday time, in my opinion...!
    Consider this a little email Christmas Card Ryan....May your Holiday be filled with ALL GOOD THINGS!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I know it made me feel good to get your card, Ryry. It is on my coffee table the only christmas decoration I have. Thanks so much. ed

  5. Laurie Says:

    UGH!!! I guess I have to start
    on mine....Or should I wait to
    send yours till I get some pictures
    for my wall :)

    I loves ya kiddo!!!


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Glad you got the card and thank you for sending me one too.