My Turn So Piss Off

Today's post I kinda stole the idea from Patti I call mine get it off my chest. So here it goes......

Let me start with the ass here at work that is so cheap. Last week when one of the girls went and got everyone's lunch he chased her down coz she didn't give him the right change he was shorted 2 cents yes people I said 2 cents he hunted all over the building until he found her and told her u own me 2 cents. Oh it gets better my cheapass said yesterday while we were at lunch why would anybody buy a gift and give it 2 a kid and say it's from Santa? He said if I buy a gift I am putting on the card it's from me not some made up guy why give the credit 2 someone else. Cheapass it's like this Santa has never done any harm in this world he makes a lot people feel good being cheap will make u so unhappy and when u die someone sure will spend the money you won't.

The kid that cut me off yesterday and then flipped me off I hope your penis falls off next time u jack it! Damn right I said it!

The lady that said how sick when she saw me and Kadin kissing inside Winn Dixie by the cereal you wished you could be kissed by either of us or just by anybody get some teeth!

The bouncers at Detours how many times do you have 2 check our id's? I mean really 5 times hello didn't change from the first time you seen it!

The guys on the dance floor at Detours when I say no I don't want to dance with ya I have a man and he's here don't mean when we get on the floor I want you trying to come in between us. There is a reason your dancing alone need I say it? Ok I will um stop being so pushy overbearing you would be surprised.

This one is for me Ryan when you know in the back of your head enough is enough and you don't need that last class of spice rum make sure you say no next time and then you wouldn't feel like you do right now.

For the guy in Georgia yeah you bitch don't start something that you won't be able to finish ok! Trust me I am mean might not seem like but I am and I will hurt you bad trust me I have taken down many and your skinny ass will be like flicking a burger off my finger ok! So I would back off while you have a chance!

That's it from Florida for the ones I love lick my ass the others I don't kiss it!
11 Responses
  1. A Lewis Says:

    My god, Ry, you do sounds as nasty and crotchety and ramped up as I do. Shame on you. Shame on both of us. Happier days ahead, .....maybe???? Hugs.

  2. It sure feels good to get it all out doesn't it?! Hehehe.... you did good!

    A smack for the lady in Winn Dixie, the stupid bouncer, the even stupider pushy wanna-be dancing partner

    and a kick in the ass for cheapass.

    The guy in GA, don't let me come over there and kick his ass cos' i'm closer!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It does fill good to get it off your chest. That's what we are here for. I went to a Baseball game a couple of years ago. I won't say where but it is a city on the Ohio river. They put on the score board before the game: No Public Displys of Affection will be permitted! Then during the 7th inning stretch they had a roving camera and the board said give your sweetie a kiss. Then they put the couple on the giant screen for all to cheer. So I can only guess that the no PDA's was for Gays only. ed

  4. elise Says:

    Sometimes you just gotta rant 'n rave a bit, right?

    Personally, I'm a bit jealous of that bitch at the Winn Dixie. I'm just a romantic fool, and think 2 boys stealing a kiss in the cereal aisle is sweet and beautiful!

    Hugs to both of you...

  5. Seth Says:

    LOL its always nice to rant a bit now and then.

    Just FYI, the bouncers/doormen at the club are legally obligated to check your ID, every time. Its not that they don't remember YOU - its that, should someone from the ABC (or whatever its called in your area) happen to be watching, and they see the bouncers simply letting someone (young looking) in without checking their ID, that would cause major problems for the club. So, just take it as a compliment that you're young and cute enough that they have to make sure!!


  6. Hey Ryan...NOW, tell us how you REALLY Feel. (lol) Good for you just letting it all out! Sometimes it is so important to do that and get rid of all the festering stuff that can make one sick....!
    BRAVO to you!

  7. BigBoyMark Says:

    Wow! Your full of the Holiday cheer. Remember Santa is checking his list for those that are naughty and nice.

  8. Laurie Says:

    THAT'S MY BOY!!!!
    I'm so proud of you :D

    I pray that I get that phone call
    again tonight....*sigh*


    (the verification word for me is
    FISTOR....I wonder....)

  9. jimm Says:

    cereal aisle, huh? Did it 'snap, crackle n pop'? hehehe!!!

  10. Angel Says:

    Wow, I agree with everything you say. You have a right to bitch. And hell, its good to get it all out.

    Love n Peace,

  11. Chuck Says:

    At the risk of sounding like an old fart (I'm only in my mid-20s!) just be thankful they're checking your ID. That means they think you're too young and cute to be there. There are worse things for people to think about you, you know.

    Like that lady in the grocery. What's her fucking problem anyway? A couple of hotties making out? Yeah, that's just sooooo offensive. I mean, true, maybe not the smartest place in the world to go getting it on, and yes, you were probably asking for a comment, straight / gay / otherwise. But seriously, she could stand to lighten up a little and bitch a little less, because otherwise she'll run the risk of missing Golden Girls which I think comes on shortly :)