You Didn't Guess

I can't believe that nobody took a guess at what I got while shopping the most wanted toy this year and nobody guess what's up with that? Anyway I got the last Elmo Live that Walmart had. Woo hoo I know like I said the only reason I bought it was to make a little on it. I know don't sound right but I am trying to make it on my own without the parents help. Dad was surprised that I didn't use the credit card all last month I told him I am trying to be an adult now. So anyway I am putting it on ebay in a few days but I thought maybe somebody out there might want it. I am not gonna ripped anyone off just make a little on it so if u think u want it email me and I'll give u the price. Sorry I didn't post anything good this morning like I normally do been busy with work picking up a lot of overtime with people being gone on vacation this week. Make sure 2 keep an eye on this blog I am working on a post about the church and pastors I think will get some people talkin anyway that's it for today email me if u want 2 talk about Elmo.
Later from Florida!
5 Responses
  1. Laurie Says:

    What does Elmo say? Josh has an
    Elmo that he got when he was like
    a year old....He took him every
    place we went...On the plane to
    NY when he was 2 1/2 he had Elmo
    pressed to the window so he could
    see what was going on outside...

    I'm really proud of you....It's
    fun to be on your own....

    HUGGIE SNUGGLES!!!!!!!!!

  2. Martin Says:

    Elmo is the "most wanted"? I guess I haven't been keeping up on the latest toy crazes!
    Go to the site below and you'll see the present I want for Christmas, although I doubt Santa will bring it.

    By the way, I meant the robot suit, but I'd settle for the cute Japanese guy wearing it, too ! :)

  3. I have a kid and I didn't even know about this Elmo. I figured it was one of the gaming systems or something (which I know even less about).
    Hope you do well and don't apologize for making $ on elmo. If people want it - they will pay!
    I'm proud of you for wanting to be an adult and for trying!

  4. The Pink Owl Says:

    Hi! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Come back and visit anytime :) I really like your blog, so I'll be reading. Have a wonderful day!!

  5. Tim Says:

    i thought it would be a wii or something :)

    talking elmo huh? don't forget to sell it!