Give Blood Yeah Right!

Didn't this seem like a long week or what? Well I woke up in a good mood and off to work I went I pull up in the lot and first thing I see is bus not just any bus but a blood bus I was thinking oh great just forget it and walk on pass it. Before I could get pass it a guy ask you work here? I am like yeah he said were having our holiday blood drive today u look like a healthy young man maybe you could give some blood today. I said sure I'll be back later. Of course I am pissed now it's not the fact of giving blood I would in a heart beat the problem is they won't take my blood. Why you ask I'm sure some of you already know but let me tell what happen when I went back with my friend Linda. We sit at the table in front of the bloodmoblie and I said hope you don't mind but I brought a friend with me he said oh no the more the better. I said well this is my friend Linda and she sucks cock and I do also but you will only take her blood and not mine coz I suck cock like Linda how is that right? He said look I don't make the rules take it with the government true you don't make the rules but let me ask ya if your family member was dying and needed blood and a gay man that is healthy could save there life by giving there blood would you turn it down? He said he would take it that he thinks it's stupid rule but it is the rule. I think maybe he was gay haha anyway the point is Gay people are banned from giving blood when around the holidays people need it the most and there are healthy gay people out there that would give and the government bans us from doing so think about when someone you love dies because there wasn't enough blood to save them think about it!This part is for a friend think about what we talked about ok the door is always open! I will always be here for you always!

Later from Florida!
Have a Good Weekend!
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  1. Says:

    It's the same here in Switzerland. And our blood suckers even claim that this is not a value judgement.

  2. I think that is stupid-stupid-stupid.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Ryry, don't you know that if a person gets blood from a gay man they will turn gay? They told me that often GAys are HIV positive. I said so not all of us are can't you check it before you use it? Don't they do that anyway? The lady told me that people don't want blood from a Gay person because they are scared of it. I guess I am worthless afterall. ed

  4. A Lewis Says:

    Yeah, I love this crap... like HIV is only in gay men..... please! How about women who carry it, or the straight people of the world who carry it. Yes, it is definitely judgment being case.

  5. GuyDads Says:

    The FDA policy is ridiculous. I know gay men that lie on the blood bank’s questionnaire because they believe in giving blood. I am sure there are promiscuous, straight men and women that don’t practice safe-sex that give blood too. The current policy is not based on science. It is based on hated, fear and disgust of gay men.

    HISTORY: Dr. Charles Richard Drew (1904-1950) was an African-American physician and medical researcher. His research was in the field of blood transfusions, blood storage, and developing large-scale blood banks early in World War II. He protested against the practice of racial segregation in the donation of blood from donors of different races since it lacked scientific foundation.
    In 1941 Dr Drew was chosen to lead the American Red Cross blood bank program. However, a War Department directive stated that, "It is not advisable to indiscriminately mix Caucasian and Negro blood for use in blood transfusions for the U.S. Military". Dr Drew protested against this blood segregation, which has no basis in scientific fact, and as a result was forced to resign his position. The United States Military did not end segregation of its blood supplies until 1949. Politics and bigotry of blood still continues today.

  6. Laurie Says:

    That's aright Honey...They won't
    take mine either....But not because
    I suck cock....

    If I ever needed blood I'd take
    yours anytime :)

    Oh and you better start eatting
    better because if you don't I'm
    gonna come there and be with you
    24/7 to make sure that you eat
    like you should....Even if I have
    to force feed you...Or I'll
    withhold any pics of your brothers
    birthday sleepover that I take...
    Yeah, that's what I'll do....
    So, eat good and get some pics!

    HUGGIE SNUGGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Seth Says:

    Every time I hear/think about the "giving blood" issue, it makes me remember 9/11 here in USA.

    There is a blood center down on the corner of my home street. Just hours after the attacks, coming home in shock, I was amazed to find the entire street filled with people, in line waiting to donate blood. It was incredibly moving to see. But it was also incredibly annoying and sad, because of the double-whammy of gays not being allowed to donate blood.

    Oh well - not sure what that has to do with it, but it just makes you think.

    BTW I just started reading your blog.


  8. jimm Says:

    I agree with your issue, but not your method. The ppl working the blood drive have zero to do with the policy. They're jus doing their job. Harassing innocent ppl does nothing to help your cause.

  9. Chuck Says:

    Jimm clearly doesn't understand what it's like being an adorable militant faggot. Ryan, I like to think peeps like you and me have that down pretty well, and bless you for making your point. We don't get anywhere by (to use a turn of phrase) bending over and taking it up the bum ;)

    I, too, share your disgust for the policies of the blood bank agencies in the US. Obviously, they think dying from lack of blood is a better medical solution than taking a liter of teh gay intraveinously. I think one great way to solve this issue is to ask patients, when signing consent forms for blood transfusions (and so long as you're not unconscious and in an emergency, they do ask you to consent), to just simply allow people to mark whether or not they want the fag blood, or if that offends them and they'd rather risk bleeding to death. And of course to deny the gay blood to people who haven't consented because that's absolutely the current policy anyway. But I guess some people are concerned as to whether or not having blood on hand but denying it to people is ethical, if you can believe it, so the general consensus is that it's just best to avoid gay blood altogether. It's asinine and unforgivable.

    I once donated blood before I'd lost my virginity, and I got on a bunch of mailing lists as a result. But then I kept getting these cards after I'd lost my eligibility to donate, so finally I wrote the blood center a letter and said, look, I believe in what you're doing, but you really really need to change your policy. It's bad enough I get to endure the subhumanity of being a gay boy and being told my blood isn't good enough to save the life of another human being, so the least you could freaking do is stop wasting your money sending me letters asking me to donate. Please lobby to get your policy changed.

    Never did hear back from them... :-\

  10. Martin Says:

    Many years ago I had an Uncle (who passed away a long time ago) who had a rare blood type. He had donated blood and because of the rarity, the Red Cross used to call & ask him to donate on a regular basis, which he usually did. But then he was in the hospital for an operation and had to receive blood. Later he got the bill and saw how much he had been charged for those pints of blood, after all that he had given. After that, he refused to donate anymore as he felt it was unfair.
    I kind of feel the same way--if anyone wants my blood, they better be prepared to pay for it. I'm not selfish or greedy, but I think it's only fair to pay if others will be charged for that blood.
    The fact that they discriminate only adds to that feeling.