Bye Bye Bush Hello Obama

Today is a big day for The United States and I am happy for Obama I wish him well and sure hope he turns us around and but America back on the right track. I have to be honest I wanted Hillary but it wasn't meant to be so I put my support behind Obama and now we as Americans don't matter who you voted for we need to support the peoples choice and thank GOD that we don't have to put up with Bush any longer. Well at least look at him we will have to put up with some of the shit he did until Obama can fix all his fuck up's. Yes I did say it I don't like Bush never have never will and all I seen while he was in office was one big cluster fuck. So good look Obama and don't forget there is another group of people out here that want equal rights don't forget about us ok we help to put you in office were here we anit going away all we want is equal rights ok so prove to us that change you talked about!
Oh can I ask a favor from ya'll can you go daily and check out Mikey blogs he gets paid if you click on them if you could link them on your blog he gets a little more. He trying to do want he can to make it on his own and if you could help out just by clicking I'm sure he would be so grateful. He has ask on his site he just anit one 2 beg but I am haha sorry Mikey but ya know me I will beg and besides I don't have to beg 2 hard I got the best readers in the world! Oh also I got a nascar post coming this week I got some gossip and pics and stuff that my nascar readers should get a kick out of! How was ya'll weekend do anything fun?
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Later from Florida!
7 Responses
  1. I was a Hillary supporter too but completely behind Obama and love that she is in great position with his Cabinet!

    I am loving the snow - yee hah!!!

  2. Angel Says:

    weekend was ok. didn't get the chance to see obama given bush the smack down or is that what happened....heh. anywho stay stafe and I will talk to you soon.


  3. Laurie Says:

    Already done :) I put his
    links on my blog...Like I told
    him it wouldn't do much good...
    But at least he's out there more...
    I guess... :)

    Hope work went well and you're
    behaving...Josh says he isn't
    'dating' that girl...He says
    though that she is like 1 of 4
    that he wants to ask out....
    UGH!! You boys!!!

    You know what you need to do to
    make Mommy a happy camper and
    if you don't I will cry :(
    So eat TONS of food make me
    smile :)


  4. I said it elsewhere...The Old White Men Roads are gone and we now have a Centaur in the White House.

    And I think he WILL come around to FULL RIGHTS FOR EVERYONE....I truly do.

  5. ryan field Says:

    I supported Hillary, too. But your post is good and right on target.

    Now I'm hoping he takes another step forward for gay Americans and their civil rights.

  6. ryan field Says:

    I linked to all three blogs, Ryan. And I'm linking to yours, too.

  7. Chuck Says:

    Seldom has there been a finer use of the phrase "clusterfuck", Ryan :) We might disagree on whether it's one word or two, but I have to say, you nailed it!