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Just some info for ya I talked with Mikey and he's gonna keep on blogging only thing is you have to be invited Mikey ask me to tell ya email him at and he will send u an invite. It's sad that mean people have made us change our blogging so much.

Mean People Suck!

Have a Good Weekend!


Mikey decided to go back to open blogging but will control the comments like I am doing. It's a shame really I hate doing that but some people are just plain asses and can't move on if they don't like what we say. But whatever until I feel good about the comments again I will keep it the way it is.

How's youe weekend going?
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the heads up Ryry but I don't think Mikey wants to include an old fart like me among his blogger friends.
    It is a crying shame that Bloggers are being forced to limit commenters to thoe they already know.
    Tell Mikey he is one righteous dude, "Kay? ed

  2. Angel Says:

    I just emailed him a couple of days ago about him shutting down his blog. I hope the reason why he is still going to write about his life is on part of the many friends who love him so much. Thanks for the heads up ryan.

    Love ya

  3. ryan field Says:

    I've been lurking :)

    Just haven't posted much.

    But I'm here:)

  4. ed i'm sure Mikey is more than glad to have you among his friends!

  5. NatureJockk Says:

    I know what you man guys. I enjoy your space here all the time, but my blog,, gets people going and they write and I always post their comments. But I do not always have the time to and sometimes think I do not want to.

    Keep up the great work on your blog.