Captain Morgan, Mardi Gras & Nudity Oh Yeah! past weekend me and Kadin thought it would be a nice change to do something away from the house so we decided to go camping. I know most of you don't understand that part about me but I do love camping. We went up to the Sawmill Resort in Dade City it's a great place for gay couple to go they always have something going on and this weekend was no different. They had there own Mardi Gras going on and what a great time we had thank heaven we had a cabin there not as far to walk when you have too much Captain Morgan in ya! I know coming off food poisoning the last thing I need was to tie one on but hell I can't think of better reason not to. Anyway I was safe and only drove a golf cart haha that shit was funny should have been there. If you never been to the Sawmill Resort you should check it out you will have a blast there all kinds of stuff going on there all the time they have cabins for rent or you can bring your own camper. The best part is the pool area is clothes optional so yeah baby full frontal nudity haha really you can suntan in the nude or swim in the pool nude and ya'll know I love being naked so that's the best part for me. Anyhoo we had a wonderful weekend we also had time to talk and work some things out we have been dealing with and I think we made some choices Kadin knows where I stand now and I know where he stands and all I know is we want to be together. Guess that's it for now today is my first day back to work wish me luck!

Later from Florida!

update: Thanks to Martin I didn't know the links didn't work but I fixed them!

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  1. A Lewis Says:

    Damn it....I knew I should have come for the weekend.


    Another nudist and camper

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I admire your chutzpah, I would never be able to go nude in public.
    Every time I visited your site lately until today I would pick up a virus that wouldn't let me comment. I'm glad to see the virus has left.
    The Angels are lovely but too many feathers. LOL. ed

  3. ryan field Says:

    Nice Photos :)

  4. my pleasure

  5. Angel Says:

    Im glad you had fun this weekend. And you got to be all nakey hehe. Ive heard of sawmill and have wanted to go for some time but I never had anyone to go with. Anywho, I am glad you and kadin are working things out, kadin sounds like a great guy.

    Oh and I thought camping was with a tent and sleeping bags...not cabins lol. Oh well, I guess thats modern society.

    TTYL Smexy
    your lil guardian angel

  6. Says:

    When I read that you went camping I though about something more like Brokeback Mountain... Nevertheless, I think I've missed there something last weekend.

  7. Angel Says:

    oo i thought i had posted, guess i didnt. I am glad you had a great weekend, you defintely deserved it! Just take it easy for the next couple of days. Im still kinda weerie about you going back to work but I understand.

    Hugs, kisses, and many tickles.
    Your little angel

  8. Where can I get a pair of those wings :) Sounds like a GRAET time - i'm glad you went!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Glad you had a great weekend. I've always wanted to try a place like that but haven't yet.