I've talk about dreams before on this blog well today's post is about dreams again. Last night I had a bad dream only thing is this really did happen I just don't understand why I relived it last night. When I was a small boy back in Peachtree City Georgia I did something very bad that made my Dad so mad that he whipped me with a belt. See that's what my dream was about was getting whipped with that belt and my Dad saying this is gonna hurt me more than it does you. Ok let me say what the fuck here um Dad you wasn't the one that got the ass whippin with the belt what it do break your heart that you had to whip me? I think not all I know is it hurt and it pissed me off so much so I ran away from home. I know people big ole drama queen here whatever it pissed me off. I ran away from home I didn't go far I stayed on the property just hide where they couldn't find me. They even called the police and they were looking for me and I watched all this with my sore ass. Finally I got hungry and decided I had to go back a police officer seen me walking across the field first then he took me into my parents and Dad was like all trying to hug and shit but I wasn't having none of that. Mom ask me why and I told her cause of the belt whippin I got and I thought world war 3 was gonna start right there in out kitchen. She went off on Dad and the police even got mad at him what was funny about that was he's one of them but he left out the detail that he whipped me for being bad. I think the wrath of Mom was enough for him to handle she even threaten to pack me and her up and leave him. She told him if he ever laid a hand on me again that was it. That was the one and only time he did I mean there has been some yelling and stuff like that but he never hit me again. I think in some way me not being the man he thought I should have been has hurt us. He knows I am a mommies boy always have been always will be. The thing that still gets me is this gonna hurt me more than it does you I say bullshit.

What the hell does dreams mean anyway why I relived that?

Later from Florida!
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  1. Angel Says:

    Well let me start off by saying that dreams are not that complicated if you understand their meaning. Alot of the time when we are sleeping, our brain begins to think which leads to dreams and nightmeres. And these dreams only happen in REM sleep, a deep sleep. So more importantly, your brain is telling you something. What is is well... you'll just have to figure out for yourself. Maybe your mind is telling you that in life, there will be more pain.

    Now as for you being a drama queen there, I think you just werent expecting it and you overreacted. The only reason I say that is because when I was younger my dad use to use the belt all the time when I did bad things or I got a slap on the face. I think with that, the abuse from my brother, and the verbal and mental abuse at school really fucked me up when I hit 13 and the hormones came a knocking.

    Just wanna let you know that your not alone and the pain of the future is only pain if you let it become what it is.

    Love, kisses, and many wigglez,
    Your lil angel

  2. Martin Says:

    Dreams are funny like that. Sometimes just a passing thought during the day will trigger a dream at night.
    I swear sometimes I've entered a parallel universe in my dreams. Because a little story will play out with people I don't even know (in real life). And the odd thing is, sometimes those same people will re-appear in a dream weeks or months later. And I'm like....who are these people anyway? haha

  3. I will never understand dreams but I have learned not to let them upset me.

    I know you won't like that but sometimes the only way I can get Madison to listen to me is threaten with the belt. I just hope she never makes me USE it. I do believe in spankings and I guess i'd give her a little "pop" with the belt if pushed but I really don't think she'd ever push. IDK she's stubborn and hard-headed like her Mommy!

    I am so sorry you had to re-live that hurtful episide again though.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Dreams about being whipped? Hmmm. Just kidding. :)

    I doubt there is much to it. I used to get whipped as a boy too and I've never dreamed about it or even thought about it since.

    It could have just been the trauma of that experience resurfacing and getting filed away in the memory banks again.

  5. elise Says:

    I'm wondering if there is something going on right now in your life that is scaring you, or maybe you are worried about disappointing someone. It could be that you feel guilty about something you said or did and you are punishing yourself in your sleep.

    Those are some of my experiences with that kind of dream.

    I hope you resolve it, and have nothing but sweet dreams!

  6. ryan field Says:

    You're trying to work it all out.

    You have to forgive to get past it :)

  7. Carl Says:


  8. Laurie Says:

    I love you more than life its self
    Baby Boy....You make my days so
    much easier to handle...

    Thank you for being in my life....

    HUGGIE SNUGGLES!!!!!!!!!

  9. jimm Says:

    My nightmares still haunt me(Mind Grip). maybe i'll blog bout that sometime.

    I met the belt a few times as a youngster. dads do what their own dad did; physical punishment.

    I think your dream was more about running away, rather than about Dad and the belt.

    btw, dreams involving the police are usually NIGHTMARES for me!!!

  10. naturgesetz Says:

    A dream is just a dream. I mean, it's not real. Maybe your mind takes things that have happened to you and reworks them. Sometimes your mind may be trying to figure something out. But basically, I think it's not a good idea to worry about dreams.

    If you know why your mind was recalling that whipping as a way of dealing with something in your life, fine. If not, my advice is just let it go.

  11. Anonymous Says:


    This here Caribbean boy is shocked I tell you!

    If I decided to ever run away from home after getting whipped, I would never be able to return! Any Caribbean child would tell you the same thing.

    And the police?

    They might tell you to go home to your mother and get the whipping you deserved for running away!

    Oh yes Sir, things are very, very different in this part of the world. Hehehe...
    There is not a spanking I have ever received (and there are many) that I did not thoroughly deserve.

    By the way, my Dad was not the spanker, my mother was (and my grandmother). You could get away really easily from getting licks from my Dad(as we say here) if you said sorry fast enough.

    But yeah, there are some very different attitudes in this part of the world.