Woke up this morning not feeling 100% now im feeling worse gonna take a nap maybe im just tired I hope. Was gonna do a longer post but maybe I can later. Please forgive this short post.

Later from Florida!
5 Responses
  1. No worries, hot stuff. We'll wait for your return!

  2. Says:

    Get the rest you need. We can wait.

  3. Laurie Says:

    Honey....I really think you have
    been pushing yourself to hard
    lately....Also, I know for a fact
    that you haven't been eatting
    properly either....No...Nobody
    told on you...I'm MOM and I know...
    Please rest up and get to feeling

    HUGGIE SNUGGLES!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. naturgesetz Says:

    Take care of yourself and get better.

  5. Angel Says:

    get the rest, you deserve it. Hope you have someone to cuddle with. If not, then you've got your teddy bear here ^_^

    Keep warm my little buckaroo.