MySpace Hate

I got a comment from this guy name Clint its still there I wanted to leave it to show people how that hate goes on and on. It's only words but his stupidity shows right threw. Of course after he spew his hate he didn't want to be friends anymore after he went through the trouble to ask me to be friends in the first place. Guess he was scared of what I would say back I called that chicken shit but whatever this fag is not scared!

His Comment

You fucking faggot. It's alright to be gay, but don't start posting "gay pride" shit on your myspace page just to prove a point. You're not anything special. Go suck a fat dick, because that's all you'll ever be good at.
Fuck you

Clint's Myspace

My Myspace

Come look for yourself!

Normally I wouldn't promote fuckwads like this but this one here is young and still has lots and lots of hate in him and I feel people need to know so they can watch out for him. Let's make sure he don't hurt anybody and if he does make sure he is reported. Again I have to say it's the upbringing I bet his parents are just the best people in the world maybe there even Southern Baptist very proud of there boy what a shame. I think all of you that have myspace should friend him so we can watch him! My comments are open here and on myspace for those that want to let Clint know how you feel just remember no hate!

Wow 2 post in 1 day from me woo hoo!
9 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Um...At last I checked it was
    YOUR MYSPACE...You can do it how
    ever you want...If this guy has a
    problem with how you do your stuff
    then he needs to just back it off
    and get over it...If it was his
    that you did that to then it
    would be different...

    This person needs to grow up...

    I love you Baby Boy and I'm here
    for you ALWAYS!!!!!


  2. ryan field Says:

    Just terrible. We all know how it feels.

  3. Seth Says:

    that sucks, but honestly, its not worth getting upset or excited about, or even wasting a moment thinking about it.

    As a friend of mine says.. "NEXT!"


  4. What an ass, am I allowed to hate on him here?

    *sigh* I'll play nice

  5. Says:

    Jealousy everywhere.

    Enjoy cuddling with Kadin and being naked.

  6. Carl Says:


    Delete the post. It you really want people to know what was said, you can leave a small excerpt fromt he post so everyone know you are getting hate posts. In the end, just delete it.

    I am a believer in karma. In the end, these people will get what is coming to them. I am not a believer in a higher power, but I do believe in karma so I do my best to lead a good life and treat people how I want to be treated.

    If you want to live your life out of the closet this is going to happen to you. Ignore these people. They just want attention.

    As for the people who say you won't leave up their posts when they are being assholes in their post, fuck them. It is your blog. Delete it.

    Do you really want these people in your life?

    In the end, just be happy, everything else will work out.

    By the way, I think you have a lot of good karma.

  7. BigBoyMark Says:

    Just another punk... But he is kinda sexy on his profile. I should have sent him a note that say us gays could suck the straight out of him. LOL!!

    Ryan just over-look it and move on. Its just part of living an open life.

  8. Angel Says:

    some people are assholes, and the best way to get to their thick heads is to educate them on gay people. some people are soo brainwashed by the media that it frightens them. hell, i remember i told someone once i was gay and they flipped out with slurs left and right. The only thing I said was," Stop being so damn homophobic. You act like im in a gang or something and I am gunna rape you or push you on the floor and give you a hairstyle." That was someone I turned around and we became friends. He was the 4th person I ever came out to in highschool.

    In time people change ryan, even though the world is full of assholes, there is an angel like yourself mr ryan. Stay strong and preservere.

    For love surrounds you whether you know it or not.

    Your lil guardian Angel

  9. CreamedHoney Says:

    While offensive messages are distressing you ought not to obsess over it. There are a lot of crazy people out there and many of them seem to be attracted to cyberspace.
    Wishing you a great weekend--send some of that warm weather to KY