The Weekend Update

Normally I don't post on Monday but this Monday I thought what the hell I had a few things to talk about. First off this past weekend was awesome very quite for starters we stayed around the house this weekend sun bathing and cleaning. Yes I clean I don't know if I ever posted on here about it but I am a clean freak I think I have said that before. I think it's cause my parents were so it made me that way also. I don't like things laying around hell I can't even go to bed if there is dirty dishes in the sink. Yes I have a dish washer and it gets used a lot but the dirty dishes has to be in there and not in the sink. I drive Kadin crazy with all the clean shit all the time but hey that's just the way I am. We had lunch together today I had the day off I only have a 4 day work week this week it happens sometimes I'm ok with an extra day off.

We spent some time this weekend with are neighbors they are really cool guys and we wanted to get to know them better. Me & Kaidn thought it would be cool to have another couple to do things with. I have my friends and Kadin has his friends but we really don't have friends together so we thought that's one thing we needed to work on. Anyway I was talking with the guys next door and I told them about my blog and how it's help me through good and bad times in my life and the one guy said he always wanted to start a blog but didn't know how to go about it. So me being me I told him i would help him so I did and he started a blog I also told him how great my readers are and that I would tell ya'll about it and ya'll would stop by and show him some love. So please stop by and show him so love haha just do it for me besides we all could use the support right? His name is Wallee and his blog is called Other Side of The Rainbow. Like I said there really cool guys and I think you wll like them.
Later from Florida!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I checked out Wallee's Blog it seems very cool. He is a Midwesterner like myself. Except he was smart enough to get out. LOl. Damn it Ryryr, Is Matt K through winning already this year? I want to see Reed win one too. Come on guys. ed

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I will check it out...

    Love you!


  3. ryan field Says:

    It's important to have mutal friends,especially with couples. Good, smart move.

    I'll check out their blog. It has to be excellent if you helped.

  4. Just popped in and commented, hopefully will get to re-visit later and "get to know him" better. I love that you recognize you have seperate friends and want to work on "together" friends.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    You're beautiful,
    Because you don't know you are.
    Love You!

  6. Angel Says:

    Im glad you had a great weekend. And I hope your feeling better. I checked out Wallee's blog and posted. Thanks for bringing another person into the world of writing. ^_^.

    Your lil guardian "Angel"

  7. sillyboi Says:

    Ryry: Sorry for taking such a hiatus from posting and everything. You know the circumstances around all of that. anyway I promised you I would post and so here I am. I checked Wallee's page out and it seems pretty cool.. and I am glad i made the decision I did even though I have been a bit more depressed then I initially thought I would.I have no idea as to why but hey we get that way. anyway I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you i miss you..

  8. Hi Ryan....I'd love to say "HI" to your friend, but I cannot read a word of this blog. Blue against black...Well, my dear, for these OLD EYES...Unreadable....Even the white against black in the font he used I found impossible to decipher....BUT, PLEASE say "HI" to him for me...And WELCOME TO THE BLOG WORLD!
    You are dear to get him started and encourage him to become a part of this wonderful world.