Missing My Bros

Waiting on Kadin to get home from work gonna watch Terminator The Sarah Conner Chronicles we don't have any plans for this weekend it's his weekend to work. I just got off the phone with my Brothers and I am missing them so much right now!

Ya'll got any plans for tonight or this weekend?

Later Peeps!

Oh the answer to my favorite shows were...
Brothers & Sisters
Terminator The Sarah Conners Chronicles
7 Responses
  1. A Lewis Says:

    So, why can't your older bro (me!) come and hang with you guys? I mean, ever younger bro needs an older one...right? Come on, invite me over.

  2. Big Sis could hang too, I promise to look the other way when deemed necessary hehe....

    Ryan I am so so serious you had better come to Darlington next month. The only thing that will excuse you would be your health (god forbid)

  3. Carl Says:

    I am heading to Chicago for work on Sunday.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I'm taking my Dad to dialysis which I do every other day.
    Is that one guy undressing? It may just be wishful thinking. ed

  5. Angel Says:

    aww! i wasnt even close...damn. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. I MISS SPEAKING TO YOU! We need to chat more mr ryan.

    Missing you.
    your lil angel

  6. jimm Says:

    isnt Tampa Bay shark infested waters?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I sorry...