Let's set sail with Captain Morgan

Normally I don't work on Monday's just something I don't like doing but yesterday I did. See I was covering for someone on vacation and they have covered me many times when I was out sick so I return the favor. So it was like a Monday from hell seem like all the patients that came in were all pissed off from reason or another. Now I totally understand them having bad days life dealt them a shitty had and there dealing the best they can but it don't help the people that's trying to help them. Anyway Kadin called and said they ask him to work a double guess the flu is going around at the hospital and people called in sick. I say flu my ass it's Monday is why they called in. So with the day getting shitter as it went I was thinking about a nice rum and coke and karaoke at Detours so I ask a few people I worked with if there game for it.One girl was like I never been to a gay bar before I was like it's ok we don't bite hard unless you want us too! My Favorite Africa Queen (that's what she likes to be called) was like hell yeah I will go! So after worked we all met at my place and off we went to Detours for some Captain Morgan and Karaoke! Oh what a night we had I am so feeling it this morning and from the looks of my co-workers they are also haha! Damn when I sing bring me two pina coladas people it's a song and I don't need one for each hand. I swear at one point I had about 8 glasses of pina coladas sitting at the table. It was late when we got home we stop and had breakfast we was feeling all like super heroes last night thinking we could party all night and work this morning boy somewhere we lost are damn capes haha! Oh for the record if you see an Africa Queen with Diana Ross type hair in a G37 Coupe Blue in color tell her I want my car back haha!!!!!!

Later from Florida!
5 Responses
  1. Ryan when WHEN I get down for a visit with my BFF Mindy who lives in St. Pete we are totally going out! I would love to see everything you post about.
    Your joi de vivre is refreshing!
    Please never, ever let anyone steal your joy baby bro.

  2. There is no way in the world I would come down and not carve out some time for you. Just so you know that.

    I am real-ly getting ex-cit-ed about Dar-ling-ton now! (sang in annoying sing-song-y voice)

  3. ryan field Says:

    The Captain and Coke sounds good right now!!

  4. naturgesetz Says:

    But you need to learn when to say when.

  5. Angel Says:

    Awesome! Its always nice to party all night and feel like your at the top, always a great feeling. But I know what you mean about working the next day lol. Someone stole your car???

    Your always amazing ryan. If you would like to talk about the post I made on my blog just email me and we'll go from their boo.

    Hears to more drinks! lol

    your lil angel