Why is Good Friday Good?

I think on my blog I haven't really talked about religion much there are many reason why I don't and much to the haters it has nothing to do with me being gay. When I was a little kid up to my teenage years my parents went to church. One day the preacher and some people called me and my parents end I think I have talked about this before but anyway they wanted to send me away to a place that would fix me. Yeah my Mom went off on them and we left the church and never return to this day talk to my Mom about a place that de-homo a person and she will go crazy on your ass. With saying that I want to say I have faith and I do believe I believe that God made me this way cause he wanted me like this I don't believe he mad a mistake when he made me or any other gay person it say's were made in his image and I think that say's it all. I also believe that maybe God making gay people is his way on controlling the population. See I think if people lived by the good book as it says we should there wouldn't be as many people on earth but since they don't he had to control it someone. See straight people ya'll just like us gays you like to fuck, fuck, fuck the only difference is ya'll aren't using condoms and next thing you know bam babies! I'm just saying! So yes I do believe I just don't believe you need to go to church to go to heaven and I believe that God loves me just the way I am and I also believe God is gonna send people like Fred Phelps straight to hell!Now Good Friday let's talk about this for a second love to hear your thoughts on this let me just throw this out there...
Why is Good Friday Good?
On the Friday before Easter Sunday Jesus Christ our Lord died on a Cross there was pain and suffering with his crucifixion and now we have Good Friday I ask again why is it good? More like maybe we should call it black Friday of bloody Friday something what do you think?Ok enough of the holy stuff how ya'll spending your Easter weekend? Me & Kadin gonna be hanging out at this nude event in south Florida should be fun who want's to see my penis? haha!!!!

Have a good weekend be safe have fun!
Later from Florida!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Good Friday is only good because
    I have today off...This is the
    first one in years...Yet I would
    rather be at work...Kinda sad
    don't ya think...

    Y'all please be careful...Don't do
    anything stupid...I don't wanna
    have to bail your asses out of jail
    or anything like that...

    Love you both and have fun!



  2. Anonymous Says:

    Good Friday is good because Jesus gave his life for all of our sins. Jesus said, "greater love has no man than this, that he woul dgive his life for his friends." Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins. I should have been crucified but Jesus took mine and your place. That is very good. Happy Easter, He is risen to conquer death for us. By the disobedience of one man (Adam) many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one man (Jesus) many are made righteous. He did what his Father wanted him to do and died for our sins. He lives today so we can have the hope of eternal life in Heaven where everybody is naked and not ashamed. ed

  3. ryan field Says:

    I didn't know someone wanted to "fix" you. Hell, I think you're fine just the way you are!!

    Have a good, safe Easter weekend.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Good Friday is good because it was through the sacrifice of Jesus' life on the Friday that we are atoned of our sins. And only because of this sacrifice did Jesus resurrect on the third day and give us all eternal life.

    In the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark & Luke), the Crucifixion is depicted as a bad thing, a time of suffering and death, whereas in John's Gospel, it is a triumph and a moment of glorification - i.e. "good"

    ...oooh, I don't do too badly for a gay man, eh?!

  5. naturgesetz Says:

    I agree with the two Anonymous comments on why Good Friday is good.

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  6. naturgesetz Says:

    I meant the second and third anonymous comments.

  7. elise Says:

    Happy Passover to any other Jewish readers out there!

    And yes, my sweet Ryan, I believe that God loves you, in all of your gay splendor! Maybe even a little extra, because you embrace the beauty of the human body in its natural state. Isn't that how God started us? Clothing came later!!

    Finally, you made me spray my Diet Pepsi with Lime all over my keyboard, with your brilliant observation on population control!

    You are one of a kind!

    Happy Easter Hugs....

  8. I believe God loves you and I guess you raise sometimes a little smile at him. Have a great time.

  9. I don't get all churchified on my blog either although I do speak on God from time to time, but I believe your relationship with God is personal. Between you and him.
    He is my strength and my saviour but I don't think i'm any better than anyone else - no matter what their beliefs (or lack of belief).

    As far as wanting to send you to one of those de-programming camps that "fix" gays. How can you fix what is not broken???!!!

    Only a few more weeks til' Dar-Ling-Ton! I can't wait!
    Happy Easter baby bro and have a fun week-end!

  10. Martin Says:

    I'm a devout atheist and a born skeptic, so I won't weigh in the the topic of religion, as I wouldn't want to offend anyone. :)

    The one question I do have about Easter is: How does the Easter Bunny lay those colored eggs? Hmmm....

  11. Cheeky Says:

    Happy Easter my friend.....I hope your "mail" made it safe and sound!

    word verification: maming....

  12. A Lewis Says:

    I did my first trip to the nude beach this last week during our one day of 77 degree weather....too bad you're not closer by!

  13. jimm Says:

    if one could be de-homo'd, then could one also be de-hetero'd? jus a silly thought.

    it be neat if someday you could write about that religious experience in story form, capturing the emotions.

  14. Angel Says:

    lol. Ive seen your penis enough to have it etched into my memory. I hope you and kadin enjoy yourself. Get nakey and go have some crazy fun. Happy easter big man. ^_^

    Love, peace, and many hugs,
    Your lil guardian "Angel"

  15. gomad.ch Says:

    Well in German we call the day Karfreitag. Kara means grievance and mourning, which seems appropriate for the day. We will be joyful on Easter Sunday, but first comes grief.

  16. jjt Says:

    But did a man REALLY rise from the dead?