Changes or Lies?

Ya know a lot shit been going on in the world and in my mind and honestly I'm kinda sick of it. So not only did I have a Pissed Off Tuesday day I'm gonna have a WTF Wednesday! First North Korea wtf? They tested a nuclear bomb under ground and the Russian's saying it was as big as when we drop the bomb in Japan. Ok wouldn't that make a hell of a hole or blow the side of a mountain out or something hello google earth you can't find that on your maps? This guy that runs North Korea is nuts and I think the Iranian's are supporting him somehow for there own good and he needs to be stopped before he causes a major war that's gonna kill us all.

Now I have ask Barack wtf? I know I will piss some people off here but really I don't give a shit. He said vote for me vote for a change. Honestly I haven't seen shit yet. What I'm talking about is this my people my community MY RIGHTS! He hasn't touched the don't ask don't tell he hasn't gave us equal rights I still am waiting on change. Every other day I get an email talking about change in that email they always ask for money. I wonder how long they think they can throw around that word change? I think all they want is my money personally that's what I think.

Now don't come down on me I vote for Barack Obama I mean the choice we had I had too. But I was hoping that this change he kept talking about would also happen but I haven't seen shit. I guess the gay's aren't that important now he's in office he won't need them again until next election. But hey don't forget to send your money cause change is a coming. I ask wtf Barack I honestly will not give you anymore of my support or money until I see the change that you promise my people!

So I ask this Wednesday What the Fuck?
How Ya Like Me Now?
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  1. ryan field Says:

    I love this post so much I'm forwarding it to my friend, Sue, who lives in Brooklyn. She's been saying the same exact thing you just said.

    I'm not a very poltical person...I'm more of a lover :) And I did support Barack. But I'm wondering when gays are going to get some support for a "change" too.

    I think this was great post. And you said what I think a lot of other people have been wondering. All I can say is that I'm hoping Barack comes through for us, too, soon.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I'd like to see the USA stop policing the entire world and bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan.
    It seems very strange to me that California now forbids same sex marriage but said the 18000 people that got married to a person of the same sex while it was legal can stay married. WTF?
    I swear to God my word verification is : whatisms ed

  3. elise Says:

    We can always count on you to speak your mind, Ryan--don't EVER stop!

    I think a lot of folks are hesitant to critize or question Barack, for fear of being accused of racism, or disloyalty, or whatever.

    I say lets remember that this country was founded on the freedom to speak, and to challenege the government, and to demand change that's needed in order to ensure fairness in how the gov't affects our lives.

    I too am dismayed at the Barack administration's apparent changes in position, or inaction, or whatever, concerning gay rights, AIDS prevention (what happenened to the free needle exchange program that was promised?),stem cell research, and some other issues.

    And I am as loyal a Barack supporter as you will ever find!!

    Thank you, Ryan!

  4. Chicka Says:

    Change takes time, sweetie. It's only been four months. Who knows if he'll even be able to kick start change in the next four years. I hope so. I really had high hopes for Prop 8. Unfortunately California blew that one big time.

    I'm glad you're back to posting. Get the anger out and then put it aside. A certain amount is healthy, but don't let it take you over. You've got a good heart that needs to heal.

  5. Change is slow.... but he has a lot on his plate as far as the economy etc. goes. I am sure that is his first priority (but cold comfort to the LGBT community)