They're Grrreat!"

I guess yesterday's post pissed some people off the lack of comments and more emails than normal. For the record I didn't say I hate Obama I voted for the man all I'm saying is where the fuck is the change I voted for? I was also saying everyday I get emails from his headquarters wanting me too send money for the change but like I said I haven't seen shit and until I do I'm not giving anymore money. I'm also tired of the str8 people out there saying there tired of us gays pushing our style on them. Well ya know what I'm tired of them throwing there str8 life on me. I'm tired of them walking down the street holding hands I'm tired of them kissing in front of me. So your tired of us gays pushing our style on you I have an idea that will solve all these issues. Ban public affection for all then we have no issue. If people want to kiss and hug do it in there house and then we won't have to worry about gay or str8. Wtf people come marriage is suppose to be all holy and shit and gays gonna destroy it. Ya'll have already did that let me see off the top of my head you make reality shows out of it wtf is next who want's to marry a robot? People really just stop the stupid shit already.

Got an email ask me what I thought about Obama's pick for Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor again gonna piss some people off here but I say thumbs down. Again I bring up the change we were proimsed how about picking an openly gay or lesbian now that would be a good choice. Nothing against Sonia I know very little about here just what I have read and I hope she stands for my rights I'll wait and see. Thing that bothers me the most about her is she Roman Catholic and there is already 5 or 6 of them on the Supreme Court this country is far too diversified, religiously, than to have its highest court dominated by one particular church. You ask for my thoughts so there it is like it or not!Want to throw a shout out to the Kellogg's Company for there ad and support in The Advocate Magazine. They took a lot of crap when they dropped Michael Phelps after he admitted to the bong thing. Not sure they shouldn't have gave him another chance but it's there choice and they have zero tolerance for drugs. So go out buy a box of Kellogg's if you buy one for me I love Raisin Bran or Frosted Flakes!!!What gay boy out there wouldn't like to smoke Michael Phelps pole huh?
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  1. A Lewis Says:

    Yo, Oh Handsome One:
    You know I love you.....and I couldn't agree more than wishing things were different for our GLBT community. But I also know how things work in this screwed up nation of ours...change is over the VERY long term, rarely the short term. I mean, it was 1920 when women were finally given the right to vote -- and they still don't have access to all of the goodies that men do as far as pay, advancement, etc. And it was 1870 when "free" people of color could finally vote....and they still, to this day, face giant hurdles of discrimination. So, it's a very very long curve of advancement. Keep working at it and having the energy and heart you do for us.....120 days in office ain't nothin' compared to the more than 100 years since 1870. Hugs to you, my sexy friend.

  2. Says:

    I'm tired of coming out to people. When did this became our job? Why is it not the breeders' job to tell everybody they're str8? It's time to turn the table. Everybody who has not come out is considered gay.

  3. Polt Says:

    A shirtless photo of Michael Phelps makes EVERY post better. :)

    Hope you're doing well.


  4. elise Says:

    I agree that too much PDA by any sort of couple is uncomfortable to watch.

    But I also never understood why so many people can't see the beauty in 2 men or 2 women publicly expressing their love for each in tasteful ways, like holding hands or a little stolen kiss...

    I know I'm probably in the minority on this for a str8 person, but c'mon! You're missing out on a big part of life if you can't appreciate a little romance walking down the street next to you!

  5. Chicka Says:

    Elise, you're not alone in your thoughts. We're just a few of us who are willing to express it.

    Hang in there, kiddo.

  6. ryan field Says:

    I'm not very political so I can't comment too much, but I do agree with you in the sense that I want to see more least something for the GLBT community.

    You're a smart guy and I always love your honest posts!!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    This morning I heard on TV that Obama never even asked Ms Sotomayor her stand on Abortion. Being a Roman Catlick she must be against freedom of choice for women.
    Here's the thing: No man should decide if a woman has an abortion. It should be up to a woman and her doctor and her religious leader. But ultimatly it is the woman's choice since it's her body.
    Oh God Ryry, that would be so super if a openly Gay man was on the Supreme court. It will never happen in my lifetime but I hope it happens in yours. ed

  8. You know, that are not really my topics (living in the dark German woods), but it’s great to have the old Ryan back, pffff.

  9. Martin Says:

    I'm not really surprised by Obama's lack of action on gay issues as I feel he has basically continued the same basic policies as Bush & Co.
    Just given those policies some new names.
    And I see no reason why the government is involved in marriage at all--gay or straight. Why should anyone have to get a "marriage license" to spend their life with someone they love?
    But please don't attack "robot" marriage--I just might want to marry one someday--being such a lover of robots as I am! hehehe
    I just bought some Kellogg's Corn Flakes (and I think I'll go have a bowl now).

  10. Angel Says:

    michael phelps... yum. Sorry I havent posted in awhile ive just been away from the computer. My ideas are exactly like you. I get emails saying he wants my money but if I havent seen any change I aint giving him shit. Ontop of that the man uses our money to buy new whitehouse furniture... what the fuck is that? Spending millions on some shit like that is just stupid. What he should be using that money for is for social security, our nations defense, a push for cars that dont generate emissions, making everything we use recycycable (expect for a couple of icky things...), stabalize the economy, get more jobs, STOP OUTSOURCING!, and first and formost push for an equal rights for all people including marriage. Gay people should have the right to feel just as miserable as straight lol. Also I feel we should make divorce illegal.

    I hope your getting better babe. And I say fuck em all to those people who are bothering you. You derserve more. Rehab sucks ass and it doesn't get better but eventually in time things will come full circle for ya.

    Love ya cutie,
    your lil guardian angel

  11. Angel Says:

    oh! and free healthcare heh

  12. I'm with Elise - you know that!
    One thing I can say for Obama is he has done alot with his plan as far as keeping homes out of foreclosure and saving homes that are already in foreclosure (removing them from it). I can see this now in my new Dept.
    Viva Obama for that reason alone!

  13. Aaron Yeagle Says:

    I actually don't think Phelps is good looking.

    Ryan, remember, change - especially big important changes - take time to unfold and establish themselves. The people in government mostly care about keeping the status quo and giving themselves lifetime salaries and benefits while the economy falls around their little brains. They really don't want things to change ... too difficult to protect your interests when everything is in flux. Then look at society as a whole ... if change were easy we would no longer discriminate against different races and we wouldn't discriminate against our race either ... You are too young to remember Stonewall - June 28, 1969 - as the beginning of GLBT rights movement. That was 40 friggin years ago! Where are our rights?

    So, bubala, change is not swift, even when there are a lot of people and energies behind it.

    Also remember, change within yourself takes time, too.