Another Monday

I'll have something for ya'll tomorrow got a busy day there doing some more work on my leg and knee some screws and shit. Anyhoo just checking in haven't posted anything in a few days thought I should put something up. So tell me how was your weekend? Better than mine I bet least you didn't have parents up your ass. Hello I'm an adult now I made a mistake I paid for it can I just go on with my life now!

I just love this song it fits in so many ways.
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  1. naturgesetz Says:

    Good lyrics. Good song. Makes a good point.

  2. elise Says:

    If this song is describing your situation, then I'm very sorry to hear that you and K are over!

    If I've totally misunderstood, then PLEASE forgive me!

    big hugs......

  3. Carl Says:

    Stop bitching about your parents being up your ass. You have proven in the past that you don't take care of yourself and your mom just wants to ensure that you do. I am not just talking about the latest incident. How many times have you been in the hospital because you didn't listen to anyone and you didn't do the right thing and take care of yourself. You do have a track record for this.

    Be thankful that your parents are still around and they love you. Not everyone has this in their lives.

    ---I know my post will not be a suprise to you. :-) ---

    Do what you needs to be done to get better and your parents will go home.

    If the situtation was reversed, would you stay in Florida or head home to Atlanta.


  4. Anonymous Says:

    I'm sure it's a drag having the parents breathing down your back but I'm sure it's because they love you. What if you needed them and they told you they hate queers and wish you was dead? Some day they'll be gone and you'll ahve only memeories of how much they cared for you. Bless'em for not putting you out of their lives like a piece of trash. Give'em a hug for me 'Kay? old ed

  5. ryan field Says:

    My weekend sucked. I was supposed to go to a book party in New York in a really great place, and I caught a cold and couldn't go. Figures. I get a cold once every three years, and this was the weekend.

    (I'm really glad your posting again :)

  6. sillyboi Says:

    Ryan, my dear friend wish I could take away your pain,your sadness your anger, but know I can not. As a friend I am there for you regardless of what has happened. I am there for you and despite we havent spoken in sometime I am still there for you. You are wiser then most of people then your age bracket. I am a bit older and you know that from our many conversations we have had, I wish I had the courage and strength that you have, but know your true friends will always have your back and care for you.
    As far as your p[arents be glad they are up your rear. when i broke my ankle and had to have pins and screws in my ankle i was in a wheel chair for 8 weeks and felt helpless. My parents and grandparents were there for me as yours is for you. Everyone makes a mistake in their lives, but the main thing is we learn from them and go on. We cant dwell on the past we always have tomorrow. So keep your head held high. Despite everything that u are going through I am still with you regardless of what has happened.

  7. Well at least you are on the mend and as for your parents.... well... from a Mom's point of view I would be on your ass for a 'little while" then let it go!
    Hugs sweetheart. I am thinking of you even when you think i'm not!

  8. So there is still this parent’s issue, I wrote something about it to you, so I can skip this. It’s not always easy with family I know (I have to take care for my own mother and it’s not always funny), anyway. But you know you are a little (not that little) mystery, sometimes you are much too adult for your age, sometimes just the opposite, a mystery, I said it. Good luck to you and I wish and hope the pain will soon transform in worthy memories.

  9. Angel Says:

    luv, an amazing song and now I know how you feel. I can't believe he left you... god. Oh sweetheart I wish I had the money cause I would come down and baby you. all because you mean so much to me. i may have never met you as a person but I feel I have. Just rest even though you hate it. and pray it wasn't worse even though it is. i love ya man and you have my number even though i call so many times and you never pick up... heh. just remember babe if you want me I am here.

    luv ya,
    your lil angel